Social Distancing: First 24 Hours

I’m going to go insane. I guess I should be grateful I don’t live with anybody irritating, but it’s only been 24 hours and I am truly over it. It was only yesterday that we got the mandate to work remotely until 4/5. I do not like working at home. I am extroverted, and I like to be running around getting things done. But this is not about me. I packed up my essential computer hardware and headed for home.

I had to go to the grocery first. I needed some vegetables, and I am truly down to my last roll of toilet paper. There were plenty of vegetables, but the shelves were toilet paper-free. A coworker just made a Costco run, so he said he could set me up if I got in dire straights. I suppose we’ll have to meet in a parking lot somewhere and he can throw it through my window. The checkout attendant at the grocery said they were getting a shipment in last night, so I was relieved to hear that toilet paper actually exists somewhere in the universe and can be had. All hope is not lost.

I went home after that and began my social distancing phase. The idea of it that bothers me more than the isolation. After all, I spend much of my weekends at home doing things around the house or going into the woods anyway. I like being alone. It’s usually a much needed down-time at the end of a whirlwind work week. But knowing that Monday – Friday will look much the same as the weekend is causing a bit of a panic in my extroverted soul. I find myself less worried about toilet paper and more worried about remaining calm. Thankfully I’ve discovered magnesium, so I stocked up.

I could have gotten out for a walk or a hike today. I needed to go out for a run. I could have read or cleaned my house or washed clothes. I should have prepped some food for this week. Instead I parked myself on my sofa and binge-watched The Ranch. I remember why I stopped watching television almost 20 years ago. But I can’t seem to stop once I get started. I know I can’t keep this up, though. I will start getting depressed and anxious if I give up on all of my normal habits. Tomorrow will have to be a more productive day in that arena.

Sharon Stone just gave a pep talk on Instagram about how important it is to do this. I know that some people think this is a complete overreaction and others are in a panic (i.e. panic-buying toilet paper), but this is truly our civic duty at the moment. I think of the sacrifices people have had to make in times of war in the past, and I wonder if we are so soft we can’t do something this easy for 4-6 weeks. It’s a small price to pay to keep truly vulnerable populations safe. I can still go for runs and hikes, practice at-home yoga and meditation, visit with friends over FaceTime and take a little extra time for cooking, reading and good self-care. We’ve all said we’re too busy and stressed with the fast pace of life today anyway. Let’s enjoy the downtime and concentrate on the basics.

How are you doing with your social distancing?

4 Comments on “Social Distancing: First 24 Hours

  1. Social distancing can be hard – thank you for being real. Here is what I am doing and encouraging everyone I talked to about this time. Be in gratitude. Everything that happens is about how I respond. At first, I had some dread, panic and even frustration. Then, I decided to flip it. I am grateful I am healthy. I am so grateful my children and immediate family are healthy. I am grateful for the health of my friends. I am soooo grateful for the health care workers who are on the frontline (many who are friends and family). I am grateful for the extra time with my 12 year old son (who knows? Might be fun finding creative ways to learn 6th grade science and math). I am grateful for the ability to have supplies -food and otherwise for the extended “solo” journey. This is just to name a few. When I switch to gratitude, it becomes so much easier. Xxx Lexlee

    • Thank you, Lexlee. That is a great approach. Since I’m single it’s a little lonelier but there is still lots to be grateful for!

  2. We are working from home also with no end date specified.
    I’m less effective at home on a laptop than I am in the office with two large screens and all my stuff.
    I went into the office Thursday and my VP told me to go home later that day.
    We have food and TP so I guess we are ready for the lock down.
    Hang in there!

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