How are you doing? Really? #socialdistancing

  • Really…. how are you doing during this time of craziness?
  • Are you hunkered in with your family, and are they driving you nuts or making you grateful to have them?
  • Do you have enough toilet paper? What about vegetables?
  • Is your income threatened? What is your biggest worry?
  • Are your pets confused?
  • Are you unnerved by having to work at home amid the chaos of a semi-quarantine?
  • Are you getting enough exercise? Do you care? What about hot baths or phone calls with friends?
  • Are you single and are you coping okay?
  • Have you lost your job? How are you going to get through?
  • Are you worried about getting sick? Or do you think it’s all a hoax?

I’m doing okay. I’m spending all day in meetings and video conferences. I’m sitting on my ass too long and not exercising enough. I’m eating too much junk, and I really don’t care at this point. It feels good to have something yummy to anticipate and enjoy. I feel lonely. I am scared about the economy, and I’m worried about the future since I work for a consumer products company. I’ve also been laid off before so I know it’ll all be fine one way or another. I’m at a different time of life now where retirement might actually be an option if the stock market rebounds. If not, I’ve got skills. Maybe it’s time for a change.

My animals are confused. Bella likes to sit in on my meetings and hiss and spit. Ashok just wants to curl up next to me and sleep. I eat lunch in my kitchen. I’ve got plenty of vegetables and only a few rolls of toilet paper. One of my direct reports brought me a care package today with dog treats, human treats and two giant rolls of TP. I’m set for a bit unless I keep eating so much.

The sun was out today, so I took Ashok for a walk. People in my neighborhood are following instructions and not really interacting. It feels a bit weird. I need to run but I’m not doing it. Maybe I’ll get back to it tomorrow. With no drive time, I get to sleep in a little. It feels good to wake up when I want.

My team today committed to using our videos during meetings so we can stay more connected. It’s fun to see their kids, spouses and animals running around. A spouse almost changed his pants today before he realized there was a webcam on in the room. I’m sure we’ll see somebody’s spouse or kid in their underwear before this is all over. Some people work from their beds. Others are in the basement with their sports banners. I’m at my kitchen table trying to be comfortable in a straight-backed chair.

We are living in interesting times. I’m grateful for the ability to work at home. It keeps me employed and at some level of sanity. I’m grateful to have a quiet place to be. I’m grateful I have food and a good back. My kitchen is full of delicious tea, homemade yogurt and almond milk and fresh vegetables and fruit. I won’t have to venture out for awhile, but I’m a bit curious as to what it’s like during the apocalypse. I also want to support some of my local businesses with their drive-thru service so they have a little revenue. I don’t want to lose them. I look forward to normal again – whenever that might be.

Tell me again, how are you doing?

2 Comments on “How are you doing? Really? #socialdistancing

  1. Hi Sharon, I have been following your post since almost a year now. Most of the people who i follow are either giving advise abt how to handle oneself and grow etc..But i enjoy reading your post the most, coz u always talk abt how life has been treating you and you stay strong in spite of so many ups & downs. I feel u r my friend now 🙂 i relate well to bella, ashok, your walks,your anxiety due to coffee intake etc.

    • Why thank you Lena! I certainly don’t have all the answers, and I wouldn’t presume to know how someone else should cope. I just try to share what works and doesn’t work for me. Thank you for following me. How are you doing with all this?

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