Day 9: Social Distancing

I guess it depends on when you started taking this seriously but, for me, this is Day 9. I went out a couple times this week for takeout from Caffe Tosi and I went to the grocery and pet store to stock up on food on Thursday. Last Sunday I walked around Reeds Lake in Grand Rapids. Otherwise, I’ve been at home. The weather has been nasty and cold, so I really only got out for a few walks. The only time I felt uncomfortable was when I went to the grocery. Just too many people coming in and out, and I had to touch so many things that I’m sure other people have touched.

We are supposed to get an inch of snow tonight. But the sun is shining, and the temps are supposed to rise into the 40s. I have to get out. I know this will be another week where I’m glued to my computer as I meet with people isolated in their own homes. Oh yeah, and it’s 26 degrees right now. C’mon sun, warm us up.

Indoor adventures….

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day. Some of it was grief. Some of it was fear. All of it was somewhat debilitating. I walked downtown and to Silver Beach. But I couldn’t pull myself out of the funk. Then, in a move that was totally unproductive, I ate a cookie and a bowl of chocolate ice cream. Good in the moment, sure. Good in the long term? Uh…. no. Self-sabotage 101.

I finally finished binge-watching The Ranch yesterday. The last two years of it were horrible. I found myself screaming at the computer screen about the idiot characters. Colt began as an immature asshole and never matured. I just don’t find that funny. Wife Abby kept forgiving him and then acting like the dutiful co-dependent wife who continues to give trust to an untrustworthy narcissistic person. The season ends but I can tell you how that would all end. I laughed out loud at the chronically relapsing heroin addict who went to treatment for a week and was miraculously cured. It’s no wonder people are so clueless about addiction and codependency if this is the story lines they consume. Addicts don’t get better because they see the light. They get better because they get effective treatment and they work their asses off to stay sober. Of course you can’t really put a bow on that at the end of a thirty-minute episode.

Our CEO, Marc Bitzer

I decided to check out my local news this morning, and my company has used our procurement resources to source masks and medical supplies for our local healthcare system. I have been so proud of Whirlpool’s measured response to this crisis. We have offices in Italy and China, so we are definitely impacted. Last week our CEO and our Medical Director gave messages to the whole company that made me extremely proud. Not only is he committed to supporting our employee base, but he feels we have a public duty to provide essential equipment to clean clothes, dishes and refrigerate food during these times. I would follow our CEO into the abyss. He doesn’t spin the message, he believes in doing the right thing and he’s not afraid to buck the system. THAT is a true leader. I wish he was our President.

It’s a gorgeous day today….

I’m trying to stay in the moment. I’m very lucky that I have a job where I can work from home. I have health insurance. I’m not on the front line facing this crisis. I’m worried about our health care workers and wish there was something I could do to help them. I guess the best thing I can do is stay out of the way of this virus and remain healthy. It’s hard to believe that doing nothing is doing something profound. But that’s the irony of these times, isn’t it?

How are you coping?

4 Comments on “Day 9: Social Distancing

  1. Hi, Sharon! Just catching up on blogs. I am still working in the office, the only one here, so yeah, I sing to myself quite a bit. I’ll have to be careful not to embarrass myself once the office is re-populated! Thanks for keeping things real on the blog, as usual – seems like you’re handling the crisis like a boss. Hubby is working from home, but unfortunately, I can’t, so there are a few more days of work to get out the month’s billings and then I’ll be hanging out at home and trying not to be like your Bella and his and spit through his remote meetings LOL

    We also were big fans of The Ranch, and when you said your were watching it, I didn’t want to say anything – see if you felt differently about the wrap up of the show. I have to admit, we made it through 4 episodes of the final season and I don’t think we’ll even bother to finish it up. It was just too depressing and unrealistic and ridiculous. It’s too bad, the first 2 seasons were a great balance of funny and real. What do you think you will watch next?

    • I just finished the season of Virgin River. I really liked it and am anxious for more episodes. Have you seen that one?

      Thanks for your note, and it’s good to hear from you. I think of you every time I think of Seattle, and that’s been a lot during the current crisis. I lived in Kirkland when I lived there.

      Bella is starting to lose interest in my meetings now that some time has passed.

      Take care. It’s a day-by-day game for me.

  2. Love the way the cozy glow of your home is juxtaposed to the sun’s glow out your window in that last photo. Your home has such a nurturing energy. ❤
    They still have us coming into clinic; don't know if I'll even have the chance to find out what it's like to work from home. Not seeing patients face to face; providing phone and telehealth support, and staying as busy as ever.
    I had a conversation with my brother today; we discussed our frustration at the politicalization of this pandemic and the ways we are choosing to maintain our sense of equalibrium and wellbeing. He said "We just need to do the right thing each day. Today, it is to stay home and practice social distancing. One day in the not too distant future, it will be going back to work and being our best self there. Each day we can do the right thing for that day." I liked that. I like the idea that the political pandemonium may continue to hover at the perimeter of my consciousness – I can't make it go completely away – but I can choose to focus on doing the right thing for this day, and just live this day. I'm going to make that my intention at the beginning of each day, and, as Adriene would say, notice how I feel. =]

    • Thank you for doing your part! I’ll continue to do mine. I think your brother is a wise soul. And I love his focus. In recovery circles we say “do the next right thing”. Perfect advice for today. Sometimes I forget that and think I have to fix it all in order to make a difference. In fact that could be a great blog topic!

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