Kittens, Tea and Making the Best of Things

Meet Luna, my newest family member. Bella says, “Kill Luna.” “Huh… what is that?” Ashok asks. Let the acclimation begin. I took in two kittens early in the week. I meant to choose one, but when they arrived I couldn’t decide. One was feisty and curious, so, of course, I really liked him. The other was shy and hiding. I didn’t want him to lose out on a home because it took him a little longer to warm up, so the foster told me to keep them both until I was ready to decide.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a kitten. It was fun to watch them fling their small bodies across the room and run and romp. But I quickly realized that they would be much more enamored with each other and and would not bond with the older members of my fur-family if I kept them both. Ironically, the shy one is the one that captured my heart. He was much more cuddly, and I thought his nature might sit better here with my angry and resistant Bella and reticent Ashok.

Tiberius is still up for adoption!

It’s been a great distraction during the great pandemic of 2020 to have a kitten running around while I try to navigate the blurring of home and office and stay put as much as possible. Let me be clear, I am grateful for everything. I have my health, and I am working. My company is rolling out reasonable cost-cutting measures that will cut deep but not kill. I don’t know what the future holds, but today I’m okay. I have a growling kitty in my lap, a dog snoring gently nearby and a rambunctious baby resting at my feet.

I experimented with eSalon hair color this morning. It was time to touch up the roots and, of course, nothing is open for this task. A couple of months ago I took advantage of one of their specials and the kit was in my closet ready to use. Emergency rations of hair color come in handy in a global pandemic survival kit. Who knew? It was a messy and frustrating effort but my roots are touched up and actually look pretty good. I’ll let it dry completely and give it a few days before I pass final judgement. It’s custom color, so I guess I can tweak it for the future if it’s not right. If you want to try it, here’s a special for you. Maybe now is the time to try it on your own! We are all learning new things.

I did much better this week with my “very limited sugar” consumption. Yesterday was the first day that I had really intense cravings and was tempted to go buy more ice cream for my freezer. I opted to make some more of that delicious movie-style popcorn instead and watched The Two Popes on Netflix. Both were very good. Yes, I would have preferred to have Rocky Road ice cream, but I definitely preferred a full night of sleep and a lack of anxiety much better.

One of my decadent treats during this time has been my morning London Fog. I bought Earl Grey tea from a Michigan tea maker earlier in the week. The packaging was lovely, and they even included a card welcoming me to the family. A little milk, sugar-free vanilla syrup and a strong cup of Early Grey is a warming treat. Last weekend I made banana bread, and it pairs quite well.

It’s raining out today, and the temps are in the 40s. We had a 58-degree evening last night. Spring has yet to come, but there is evidence it is on its way. The night before last I wore a coat to walk Ashok, and I’m still running the heat in the house. But last evening I noticed a beautiful patch of wild orchids blooming in the grass. If the temps could just rise an additional 10 degrees, that would be phenomenal.

This week I got in two Daily Burn workouts, and I plan to do another one this weekend. I took some long walks with my dog and practiced yoga once. This is a definite improvement over the first few weeks of doing basically nothing. I’m not back to running yet, but I hope to get a warmer, sunny day soon to encourage some tentative steps. I need to allow myself some short runs as a start. Setting too big a goal to get out the door is a barrier. I ordered a ball chair this week. I’ve used one in the office for over 10 years, and it is super helpful for my core and saving my back. Now that I will be working from home for a longer period of time, I need a better chair. It gets here Wednesday, and I can’t wait.

I’ve been feeling okay this week, but I have to admit I was pretty down last night. It wasn’t just the lack of ice cream and the changes at work. I feel really sad that we are so isolated now. When I went to pick up milk at the gas station last night, there was a big plastic screen between me and the cashier. People are starting to wear masks, and I just feel like we are becoming more and more disconnected and afraid of each other. Everybody is on the other side of a screen or a layer of fabric in addition to being six feet away. Will we ever be able to touch each other again without fear?

I feel better this morning. A warm cup of London Fog, a hissing Siamese and freshly colored roots is a good start for a Saturday. I may run out and grab some pizza from Caffe Tosi today just to have an excursion. Otherwise, I’d like to read a little, chat with some friends on video chat and drink more tea. But I’m NOT going to watch The Tiger King. I want to watch something light and funny, but most of the interesting-looking shows on Netflix are described as “dark”. Why is everything so dark? Let’s just lighten up a bit. Maybe I’ll find some of my old favorite comedies!

What do you like to watch when you need to smile?

3 Comments on “Kittens, Tea and Making the Best of Things

  1. Luna is ADORABLE! And your hair looks GREAT – placing an order now!!

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