Today I am at a three. It’s not good, but it could be worse. I’m just going to ride it out and hope for an upward climb tomorrow.

I walked a bit today but probably not enough. It is what it is. I watched a really cool movie called One Day, video-conferenced with two of my gal pals and ate some ice cream at my favorite summer ice cream shop. I know better than to eat the ice cream. I know it, but I ate it anyway. When I’m a three my defenses are not very good. So there you have it. I’m not sorry.

Bella is not hissing as much at the kitten. Ashok doesn’t seem to mind having him around at all. There is progress there. My floor needs to be swept, and I need to cook the fish in my refrigerator. It will all have to wait until tomorrow along with the laundry and the other undone things.

Today Lake Michigan was a lovely Emerald Green, shining in the sun. The lake doesn’t know there is a global pandemic. The sun shines like it’s a normal day. Wild orchids bloom. The grass grows. The virus stalks us. The sun sets. Tonight we sleep. Tomorrow, we repeat.

4 Comments on “It IS WHAT IT IS

  1. Hi, Sharon – sorry for your “3” day, hope you feel better soon! And allowing ourselves to do whatever is going to help us feel better is just being smart, so let’s hear it for ice cream! The last thing we need when the world is beating up on is is to join in. Be kind to yourself. If you’re looking for something light on Netflix, season 4 of Kim’s Convenience just started streaming. It was recommended by a friend and I was so grateful, because I probably never would have given it a watch if she hadn’t. The thing I like best about it is that, although the family is Korean, it really shows how very much alike we all are and that all families have the same kind of quirky things to deal with. Maybe it will be a welcome diversion for you. Take care and enjoy your new fur baby!

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