Right before I went to bed last night I made the mistake of looking at the headlines for a moment. I’ve done pretty well lately managing my intake of news but it was the timing and the gravity of the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg that disturbed my sleep for the next few hours. Her death wasn’t a surprise but I had been lost in the quagmire of denial that this woman would leave this earth. Why are some things even possible?

I, at first, started freaking out about another conservative on the court but quickly realized that I have no power to change this situation. Whatever is going to happen will happen. I’m not expecting very much from the idiots in power at the moment. I’m sure choosing a woman to replace her to represent a significant portion of the country is not even on the radar.

RBG admits she would have never had the career and opportunities she had without the support of her husband. She was in the top of her law class but couldn’t even get an interview because she was a woman. When I started my career I pretty much had to have a man “sponsor” me to get my name in the hat for good project opportunities or roles. The more feminine strengths of collaboration and supportiveness were seen as weaknesses to be exploited. I had to hide myself and take on the traits of being ballsy and aggressive in order to succeed. I felt as powerless then as I do now. You play by the rules and subject yourself to the control and judgment of men at work, or you’ll need to get married to support yourself. It was a terrible trade-off for women and, honestly, for businesses because – guess what – collaboration and supportiveness are actually good for business.

I don’t want to go on a political bender because it’s pointless. I have one vote, and I will use it accordingly. I am greatly saddened by this loss. We are also losing the great minds and hearts of our political system who believed in collaboration, integrity and justice. I’m sure RBG is already sitting for coffee with John Lewis and John McCain. What I would give to be a fly on that wall. My prayer is they may be even more influential from the other side.

Rest in peace, RBG. Today will be a day of mourning for me. I celebrate your vision, your collaborative spirit and your strength. I am motivated by your willingness to work within the system to change it. 87 years just wasn’t long enough. If any decisions are being made up there, please get a seat at the table. Godspeed.

7 Comments on “RIP RBG: OMG

  1. It seemed like anything that was thrown at her, she could handle.
    What an amazing women and what an amazing life.

    She will be missed.

  2. When I saw the breaking news Friday night I felt something like relief for her. She stuck around as best she could. She deserves to rest.

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