I Was Wrong

I was wrong. I have never been fond of chocolate mint. Well, I do love peppermint patties, but I never was a fan of mint chocolate ice cream or any other mint chocolate flavors. Even the Girl Scout mint cookies weren’t a favorite. I would swoon over the Peanut Butter sandwich cookies instead. As for ice cream, give me Rocky Road or Pralines and Cream. Mint Chocolate Chip…. ehhhh. Whatever? It’s good in a pinch, but I would never buy it on purpose. Besides, one of my exes had an obsession with Peppermint Patty candies, and I’d rather not revisit that.

I stocked up on Teeccino herbal coffee a few years ago. In order to get free shipping, you had to buy an inordinate amount of product, so I took the opportunity to buy a bunch of different flavors and samplers. I was in one of my “trying to quit coffee” stages, and Teeccino is a good substitute. It tastes similar to coffee but without caffeine and the acidity. It’s yummy and sweet with more of a coffee-like depth than tea. I did not buy the Chocolate Mint flavor. I flashed right past that one and settled on some of the chocolate and vanilla flavors. I couldn’t wait for all of my warm coffee-like goodness to arrive.

Instead of receiving my package, I received someone else’s order. It had a bunch of flavors that I would not have chosen including Chocolate Mint. I called the company, and they willingly resent my order. But instead of sending this one back, they just told me to keep this order, too. Needless to say, I had enough Teeccino for years. A couple of times I tried to give away the Chocolate Mint but never had any takers. I’m now down to my last bag of Teeccino, so I opened the Chocolate Mint and thought I’d give it a try. Who knows? I could always through it out if I hated it.

I was so wrong. I can’t believe that bag of yummy goodness has been sitting on my shelf for years. I love this stuff. I mix it with a little stevia and milk, and I feel like I’m drinking down a pure peppermint patty (with no bad memories or calories attached). I like this better than hot chocolate on a cold Michigan night. The chocolate is deep and flavorful, and the peppermint has just the right holiday kick for my taste buds. It’s the perfect warming combo to pair with Christmas music, a cuddly kitten and warming incense. Come to think of it, maybe I wasn’t wrong. Maybe I’ve just changed. Maybe the girl who turned up her nose at Chocolate Mint has become a woman with more refined taste! That’s it!

What are you sipping on for your chilly nights?

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