On The Mountaintop

Some people describe life like chapters, and sometimes I say that, too. But, to be honest, my journey doesn’t feel like chapters at all. A chapter provides a beginning and an end with a lot of story in between. I don’t see beginnings and endings as each story bleeds into the other much as one ecosystem in nature gradually evolves into another. I feel like I’m traveling on a very long and diverse trail. Perhaps that’s why I like hiking so much. Swamps support rivers. Prairies slowly turn into hills and then rise into breathtaking mountains. Storms, wildlife and insects present obstacles and interest along the way. The trail looks different in every season, and in every season it is lovely if I just keep the right attitude.

I’m on a ridge right now. It’s a sweet spot where I can take a wider view. The traveling is not hard, and I journey through little ups and downs and occasionally over a small boulder or two. I’m spending time reflecting on how far I’ve come and dreaming about where I might go. If I want to sit a bit and take in the view, there’s always a pleasant place to do it. And if I want to descend, there are many options. I’m choosing to stay on the ridge at the moment. When I am on the ridge, I can’t really get lost. But getting lost in my dreams is a perfectly sensible option.

I suppose I’ll take a few side trails eventually and maybe even climb another peak or two. I have a few thoughts in mind of where I’d like to go. But right now I’m enjoying the rest after a long, grueling climb. I feel strong, invigorated and even tired in a good way. I don’t feel the need to scale mountains anymore. I like the gentle climbs, sweet breezes and the mystery of the trail. It feels good up here on the mountaintop. And if I’m lucky, I have miles to go before I sleep.

2 Comments on “On The Mountaintop

  1. I love this. I too stopped climbing mountains and have enjoyed learning where the future will take me next!

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