An Impromptu Adventure

I just could not take it anymore. I had a meltdown talking to my coach yesterday, and she led me to take a small step that would make me feel a little more in control. I wanted a taste of civilization …. a city … something different than the same four walls I’ve been looking at for almost a year.

Of course I would love to go to the Hotel Monaco in Chicago. But Chicago feels a bit overwhelming given the COVID situation. I’ve been wanting to explore Grand Rapids so I found a sweet little pet-friendly boutique hotel downtown and made a reservation. My spirits lifted a little as soon as I hit send. I know it won’t be the same as it would have been pre-COVID, but it definitely will be a change. As much as I love our St. Joe, I just need to have some conveniences that a rural lakeside town does not offer.

The Blue Bridge

The hour and 20-minute drive flew by as I listened to one of the Joe Pickett mysteries and enjoyed the passing snowy landscape. Ashok slept and seemed content just to be away from the cats for an hour or a day. It was 12 years ago the day after Valentine’s Day that I adopted my girl. I remember picking her up at the woman’s house who found her. She hopped in the passenger seat and looked at me quizzically. I promised her I’d take her camping and running and hiking and that she would have a great life. In turn, she has given me way more than I ever gave her. So, we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day together iduring a pandemic in a hotel in Grand Rapids MI. I don’t know what we’ll do, but we’ll figure it out.

Sam welcomed me to the AC Hotel and gave me instructions on where to park. He saw Ashok from the car and told me he had a treat all ready for her. Ashok was so excited to be greeted and loved on right off the bat. We unpacked and headed out for a walk on the Blue Bridge which crosses the river downtown. It was cold and beautiful, and there were quite a few other walkers. Two men were running sprints across the bridge, and I found myself envious that I can no longer keep up that kind of pace.

We walked downtown and past the ice skating rink in the Rosa Parks Circle. After returning to the hotel and assessing the lay of the land I asked Matt and Sam where I should eat. Matt was so enthusiastic about the Cuban Street Food that they serve at the hotel that I decided to stay in and take his advice. He treated me like a queen as I was the only guest. I got a short tour of the amenities in the lobby. Comfy pit sofas piled high with pillows surround a cozy fireplace. He showed me how to make my own Nespresso and pointed out the library. I’ll be cozied up by that fire with my coffee tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait.

The chef hooked me up with a sampler of small plates of Cuban Street Food. My favorite was the Provoleta with crispy chorizo, curtido salsa and crostini. The bubbling bowl of melted cheese topped with the most flavorful chorizo I have ever eaten was worth it’s messiness. I’d pile big globs of cheese on top of the crostini and top it with the chorizo and salsa. I ran out of it way too fast but didn’t dare ask for more. I did, however, ask for an order of the Churros with hot chocolate. Every bite of everything they brought out was outstanding. My next trip might be to Cuba.

Cuban Street Food at the AC Hotel … YUMMY!

My friend Liz and I tried to get reservations for tomorrow night, but with restaurants only booking at 25% capacity it was too late for us to find anything at a decent hour. We decided to get takeout and eat in this beautiful lobby. We might even get a good cup of espresso as a finisher. I know tomorrow I’ll be enjoying some time in that library and in front of the fireplace. I may not be able to get out and do a lot, but staying in at this lovely hotel is definitely an upgrade from my living room sofa.

Cozy spot in the library

So, I’m here. My frame of mind is already improved. The thing I’ve missed most about traveling is the people I meet. It’s harder to meet people in masks because it’s more difficult to communicate. But Matt and Sam were so happy to have the hotel open that they went above and beyond to be friendly. I don’t care if I don’t leave the hotel at all. Enjoying some good food, a nice environment and having inspiration to write is a treat. And it’s kind of cool to walk across a blue bridge and watch the ice skaters, too.

More to come…..

5 Comments on “An Impromptu Adventure

  1. It sounds lovely. Little breaks from the four walls are what has helped me survive this pandemic. A hotel can be an oasis of civilization in a landscape of loneliness. Thank you for sharing this; it made me smile.

      • He’s been gone a long time – 1993. He grew up in Comstock Park. We visited every year growing up, and we continue to visit Michigan once a year. I remember my cousin saying, yea, we lived in Grand Rapids before it was a cool town. 🙂 I have lots of memories visiting as a kid. I would like to visit the town again as an adult. I did visit a Frank Lloyd Wright there a while back.

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