The First Kiss of Spring

I love rainy Saturdays. I wasted all day yesterday watching it rain and binge-watching Cheers. For some reason at 10 PM last night I decided to start organizing my kitchen. In my new world where everyday is Saturday and every hour holds the possibility of a nap, my urge to act doesn’t follow a realistic pattern. If I’m in the mood to do something productive, I best just take advantage of it. So I did.

Today I met my hiking buddy, Liz, at the Bow in the Clouds Natural Area near Kalamazoo. It rained twice on my drive up, but it stopped by the time we started hiking. It was a short little hike, but what a lovely place it is! A beautiful spring-fed wetlands showcases water in a myriad of different ways. At one spot the spring was clear and sandy. Ashok had to take a dip there. In another spot it was filled with this beautiful green vegetation that made it look like an emerald river. In yet another spot it pooled into a lake. I’ll definitely go hang out there again. It was so peaceful, and I’ll bet in a few weeks it’ll be filled with wildflowers.

Asylum Lake Preserve – Beavers!

Since it was a short hike, we decided to drive over to Asylumn Lake Preserve which is a series of trails that surround a tranquil little lake. We saw deer, Canada Geese on the nest and irrefutable evidence of beavers. We got lost as we followed some marked and some unmarked trails, so we got a long walk in today. My Garmin says I took 15,189 steps. I feel it.

Reflections of Us!

Since Liz hasn’t been to Kalamazoo, and I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the downtown mall with a friend in the last year, we decided to head downtown. Our first stop was Cherri’s Chocol’art, an artisan chocolate shop that features chocolates, ice cream, coffee and self-described Monster Milkshakes. While I would have loved to have tried a Monster Milkshake (and you better believe I’ll be back when I’m a little more hungry for one of those), I opted for a Chocolate Buttercream and a Peanut Cluster. I’m a chocolate snob. When I tell you these chocolates were the best I’ve ever had, I’m not exaggerating. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend a visit. If you give me a call with an hour’s notice, I’ll meet you there.

Spring has sprung in Southwest Michigan, and the walk through the mall was accentuated with blooms from trees and flowers. For the first time in my recent memory people stopped to pet Ashok and chat about the weather. Whether it’s the end of winter or the end of the pandemic that is inspiring such friendliness, I don’t care. I’m just glad that some things are feeling more normal. We meandered down the street and chatted about an assortment of topics that wouldn’t interest you in the least. By the time we got back to the car, Liz, Ashok and I were ready to head home.

Downtown Kalamazoo

After taking a long hot bath and deep conditioning these curls, I’m taking a moment to reflect on the last week and plan for the upcoming one. I’m sort of in the mood for a trip up North. I haven’t been eating so well the last week, so I need to sit down and journal about what is going on. I think I’m ready to go back to work and am a bit tired of looking at these four walls for the last year. Boredom is an eating trigger for me. Maybe I need to beef up my schedule and work on a goal or two this week. I get my second vaccine on the 20th, so I’m really looking forward to that date. Patience is a virtue at the moment, and I need to lean into it.

Thanks to Liz for taking this
AWESOME pic of my girl.

I hope you had a good weekend, and I hope you are starting to make plans for the future. I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern for a long time with a void as to what the future will look like. But I believe one day I will probably look back and wish I had this kind of downtime again. Life will get hurried and crazy. I will have days I can’t fit everything in. “Boredom,” I’ll say with a sigh. “I wish I could be bored again like I was in 2021.”

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