Developing Patience

Good Morning!!

I have one week down in my new role. While starting a new job is always exciting and hopeful, it is also a time where I recognize my limitations and shortcomings. I’ll need to build relationships with my new work family, and there will always be hiccups and challenges in that process. And, of course, our dear coronavirus has presented additional work challenges and the really uncomfortable but necessary need for wearing a mask. It’s hard getting to know people when half of both of your faces are covered.

I also seem to have forgotten how to manage my time when 40 hours have been squeezed out of my daily allotment. I had to have a very narrow focus this week in order to get through it. It took me about 4 days to get physically accustomed to walking around the office and up stairs, talking to a bunch of new people and lifting and unpacking inventory. By day 5, I had enough energy to exercise after work and get to sleep at a normal time. That was much quicker than I anticipated.

I’m being challenged to develop patience. I have to be patient with myself with my work learning curve. I have to be patient with my new work family and my animals at home as we all adjust to this new normal. My kitten Luna has been with me a year but he’s never experienced me being gone on a regular basis. He seems much more needy and agitated when I don’t get him fed on time. And when he’s agitated, Ashok and Bella catch hell, too.

I’m having to be patient with the easing of the Covid restrictions and the mask wearing. Wearing one all day has been challenging, and I’m not drinking enough water. The upside is I’m not eating a bunch of junk either. I’ve lost five pounds in the first week, and I’m back to a pre-covid weight. I’m also having to be patient with myself as I get back into a routine. I can’t do yoga, exercise, meditation, cooking, walking the dog, journaling and napping. I’ll have to find a happy medium that allows me some downtime.

Most of all, I’m having to be patient with the weather. This time of year is when I get really sick of the cold and am eager for warmer temperatures. But I am still wearing a coat as we speak, and I have to keep putting my fingers in my pockets as my hands are freezing while I’m typing. Yes, I’m sitting outside in 40-degree weather. I just want May to be filled with May-like things, and this southern gal thinks May is an outside month.

I don’t like to be patient. I like for things to move and change quickly. But developing my patience muscle helps me be less reactive and to relax a bit more. It also helps me be more reflective. At this time, I could dive right in at work and make a lot of mistakes that are unnecessary. I could also be stressing myself out needlessly. Taking more time to reflect helps me make better decisions and fewer messes. I’m just going to give myself some time and keep doing the next right thing. One day I’ll look back and not even remember the frustrations of today. Hopefully, I’ll be a much patient person due to the practice.

3 Comments on “Developing Patience

  1. Thank you for being real and transparent. Your posts are relatable and inspirational. Best to you in your new role!

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