Did That Just Happen?


That’s about the best word to describe the last few weeks…. several months….. last year of my life. Did that just happen? Did I just abruptly retire from a 25-year-long career in Learning and Development, survive a pandemic (I’m trying to be in denial that it’s not over yet. Get your f*ing vaccine so it will be), and start a new career in the outdoor industry? Wow. Holy cow. That’s all I can say.

I’ve spent the last year re-evaluating, processing, dreaming, grieving, raging and laughing at this crazy world we live in and the current state of our planet. It is at once inspirational, totally flabbergasting and enraging that we are dealing with climate change, the crumbling of our democracy and a pandemic all at once. I could go on about the inability of our culture to reckon with our past, acknowledge the reality of the present and collectively create a better future, but I don’t want this to be a rant. Get the f*ing vaccine so we can focus on other things, please.

This time last year I was a month into my “retirement”, and I had no idea what things would look like on the other side of this. I still don’t. I do know that I’m really enjoying what I’m doing at the moment. I know that I have a core support team of great friends who are going through this with me. I am eating better than I ever have. I’m exercising, practicing yoga and meditation and otherwise taking care of my health. Yes, I got the f*ing vaccine, and you should, too. This is neither the best of times nor is it the worst of times for me. And I’m truly grateful for that. I do wish I was sleeping a little better. I’ll keep working on that.

Oh, yeah, and it’s summertime in Michigan. I don’t like summer as a rule. I’m a much bigger fan of the shoulder seasons. But if I have to do summer, I’ll do it in Michigan all day long – over and over again. It’s such a happy, beautiful place filled with small towns, an unpredictable surf and giddy tourists. It was 58 for my morning run yesterday, and it felt amazing. We do get hot days every now and again – not Louisiana hot. But it never lasts long. We sweat a little, b*tch a little about the heat and then it cools down just as quickly as it heated up. I can deal with that.

Here’s an update on my gray hair transition….

My friend Liz and I were going to the beach today, but there is a Beach Hazard warning. Apparently life-threatening waves will be battering the coast along with dangerous rip tides. We won’t be getting in the water, but I do think we’ll head to the beach to watch because there should be a plethora of surfers and windsurfers. Surf’s up!!

Well I need to feed these animals and get ready for the day. Have a great Sunday wherever you are. Oh, yeah… please get your vaccine. Did I say that already? We are never going to get out of this pandemic and on to other things if we don’t all do our part. And I’m ready to get on to other things. We have to somehow cool down this planet before we all drown or burn up.

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