Help Our Truckers: My Monday Morning Rant

Last summer when I worked for a retail store, we had terrible issues with our Fedex deliveries. We had much understanding that it was pandemic-related but it really impacted our business. The account manager I worked with at Fedex was wonderful and tried to do what she could to help, but the drivers and trucks belonged to a contractor. The young man who was our delivery driver was not given any equipment to help with hauling all of those big, heavy boxes inside, so he was physically carrying each one. And the truck he had was not even the right kind of truck to be doing those kinds of deliveries. I felt so bad for him and really worried about his health and well-being.

I stopped buying from Amazon long ago and am vehemently opposed to their next day shipping practices. Somebody pays for “free” next day shipping. It’s just not the consumer. I don’t need anything next day, and if I do, I’ll drive myself to go get it. It’s just not an emergency to get my skin care products, and if I wait until I’m out of toilet paper to order it, it’s my fault. When I read an article about a shipping company in Memphis that literally made pregnant women work without breaks resulting in numerous miscarriages, I drew a red line for myself. There are people behind these shipments and this work, and nothing is free.

That’s all I’m going to say about my opinion on this, but John Oliver’s show is on trucking this week. He articulates the problems with the trucking industry and how these poor drivers are getting mistreated and cheated of a decent living because of deregulation. What used to be a lucrative way to make a living has become a torturous life. We literally won’t function as a country without our truckers. Everything we have comes to us because of a truck whether it’s next day shipping or delivered to a store. Take a minute to watch this and make your own decision. We owe it to the people who are literally breaking their backs for us. And don’t forget to read the comments for a confirmation of the reality from real truckers and other “contractors” across all of our industries.

Warning: John Oliver’s language and humor is intended for mature audiences.

3 Comments on “Help Our Truckers: My Monday Morning Rant

  1. This was an amazing eye opener, thanks for shining a bright light on a dark topic. As usual, following the money (or in this case, the lack of money) can solve a riddle.

    Jerry Laurain | 901-574-0330


    • Yes. Oliver woke me up this morning. Sometimes you need things next day but are we beating that horse to death on silly stuff just because Jeff Bezos needs another rocket?

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