The Fruit of the Spirit

I've had writer's block for awhile now. I've been really working with it for over a year, and the magic seems to have evaporated. My head used to be full of stories, and my day would be scattered with seemingly magical moments where topics would arise out of nowhere. Gleefully, I'd grab it, run with … Continue reading The Fruit of the Spirit


Today, October 20, is the National Day on Writing. And thousands of people are sharing the reasons they write with the hashtag #WhyIWrite. I'm not sure why I've never heard of this day before, but I thought I should be a part of it now that I know it exists. In reflecting on #WhyIWrite, I … Continue reading #WhyIWrite

Morning Share: Be Creative

For months now, I've been receiving messages from HP (my higher power) to be more creative. Rumor has it that being creative opens us up to so many possibilities spiritually. Creating and giving to the world is one way to get into the flow. But I've been struggling a bit with writer's block. A fellow … Continue reading Morning Share: Be Creative

Grappling with the Illusion: Words

My friend Michael sent me the above cartoon last night. The most powerful weapon in the world is language and, more precisely, words. Language is the system by which we communicate, but the tool - our smoking gun - is our word choice. And, ironically, as this cartoon shows, even the same words can produce an … Continue reading Grappling with the Illusion: Words

The Rumble of Storytelling: #risingstrong

I continue to percolate on Brene Brown's wisdom and process in Rising Strong. Her premise is that the "story" we tell ourselves about ourselves needs to be written in order to create a different ending. And it is the stories of our lives - especially the stories of our falls - that make us who we … Continue reading The Rumble of Storytelling: #risingstrong

Feeling the Love from Lakeland

Three years ago, I was doing some leadership training for Fedex in Lakeland FL. I was just starting to write my blog, and I was really having fun chronicling all of the cities I was visiting with work. I wrote a little blog about Lakeland, and, to my surprise, it became my most-read blog for … Continue reading Feeling the Love from Lakeland

I Created Something Different … Midlife Moments

Note: All the pics are from my first blogs. You can find them chronologically in the sidebar in the Monthly Archives (scroll down on your computer). You can also follow me via email from a spot in the sidebar! I've been noodling how to make money from my blog. Apparently, lots of people make six … Continue reading I Created Something Different … Midlife Moments

Writing Naked

I had no idea what to expect when I started writing this blog a couple of years ago. I know that my intention was to write about some of the resources I've found that helped me through Recovery, depression and anxiety. I found out pretty quickly - the first week actually - that I couldn't … Continue reading Writing Naked

I Need Your Advice! What’s My Sweet Spot?

I started this blog in August 2012 with this post. My hopes for this blog were published there, and, more importantly, it let me tip my toe into the blogosphere to see if I would be accepted. I do remember being afraid of what people would think in my talking about addiction and divorce, but … Continue reading I Need Your Advice! What’s My Sweet Spot?

Come on, Y’all!! I’m Behind by 2% … WHERE ARE YOU? :)

Okay... you've had a few days off for the holiday, it's time to get back to work. SOMEHOW Midlife Moments Blog has fallen to second place in the Vibrant Voice Blogger contest. That is unthinkable. You can vote EVERYDAY! From every DEVICE! If I have ever made you laugh, cry, think about yourself differently or … Continue reading Come on, Y’all!! I’m Behind by 2% … WHERE ARE YOU? 🙂