Sunday Night Check-In: #RisingStrong

I took to reading Brene Brown's Book Rising Strong again this weekend. I just absolutely love that book. Her techniques for getting up from a "fall" and actually learning something from it are profound. I found myself in a "face down" moment last week, and I was able to read her insights with new eyes … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: #RisingStrong

The Rumble of Storytelling: #risingstrong

I continue to percolate on Brene Brown's wisdom and process in Rising Strong. Her premise is that the "story" we tell ourselves about ourselves needs to be written in order to create a different ending. And it is the stories of our lives - especially the stories of our falls - that make us who we … Continue reading The Rumble of Storytelling: #risingstrong

Embracing Badassery #RisingStrong

When I was driving home from North Carolina, I decided to check out an audiobook from the library. I'd been wanting to read Brene' Brown's new book "Rising Strong", and, to my surprise, it was available. I read - hungrily - her latest research and insight on how to rise strong after failure. I'm usually not … Continue reading Embracing Badassery #RisingStrong