Morning Share: Be Creative

For months now, I've been receiving messages from HP (my higher power) to be more creative. Rumor has it that being creative opens us up to so many possibilities spiritually. Creating and giving to the world is one way to get into the flow. But I've been struggling a bit with writer's block. A fellow … Continue reading Morning Share: Be Creative

Artist’s Way: Paying Attention

I started The Artist's Way course again. I had such great success with it the last time, and spring just feels like a good time to begin again. So, last week I started with Week 1. Week 1 helps me identify the reasons why I don't embrace my creativity. I had great success with my … Continue reading Artist’s Way: Paying Attention

Blocking the Flow: Perfectionism

Week 7 of the Artist's Way - the first week of the second half of the workshop - was profound for me. I found myself the last two weeks feeling a little blah about my forward movement but trusting that the process was still working whether I realized it or not. My Artist's Date last … Continue reading Blocking the Flow: Perfectionism

Expanding the Boundaries of Dreams: The Artist’s Way

This week's Artist's Way exercises urged me to list 5 things I would do if I had all of the faith and money that I needed. When I got to five, I couldn't stop, so I wrote ten. I'm sure I could've easily written 20. This was my list. Quit my job and be a … Continue reading Expanding the Boundaries of Dreams: The Artist’s Way

Sunday Night Check-In: A New Rhythm

My weekends are taking on new rhythms in the last month or so, and I quite like it. Friday evening and Saturday I was dealing with moving the bed out of my guest bedroom. I brought it to my parents'  house in Pierre Part, and, early Saturday morning, Momma and I made the drive over … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: A New Rhythm

Living in Every Room of My House

One of the things on my 'to do' list for a very long time is to set up a writing space where I can actually write on my desktop computer. I know that if I ever want to write a book or do freelance writing, I need a space that is conducive to real work. … Continue reading Living in Every Room of My House

Synchronicities and Unexpected Gifts: The Artist’s Way

When I started The Artist's Way program at the library about a month ago, I expected I would be in for an adventure. I needed an adventure. I needed something that would dilute the anxiety-filled rut I'd dug myself into with some positive energy and challenge. The Artist's Way is a program that is designed … Continue reading Synchronicities and Unexpected Gifts: The Artist’s Way

The Limiting Power of Fear

Tonight was the first night's study of The Artist's Way. We explored the ways our creativity has been blocked through our lives. I never really thought I was creative until I started writing this blog. I thought of myself as sort of dry creatively. And I think I was. But, when I started writing, I … Continue reading The Limiting Power of Fear

Life as a Creation: The Artist’s Way

"Art is a spiritual transaction." -Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way About 20 years ago, a book came on the market called The Artist's Way. Many of my friends over the years told me I really needed to read it and submit myself to Julia Cameron's 'course in discovering and recovering your creative self'. That … Continue reading Life as a Creation: The Artist’s Way