Should I … or Shouldn’t I?

For the last six months, I've been noodling letting my hair go gray. When I wore my hair really short, I never worried about gray. I tossed some store-bought hair dye on my locks and cut it off every month as it grew out. Color was not a problem. Actually, my hair was not a … Continue reading Should I … or Shouldn’t I?

Extending the Life of My Curls

Lately I've been having some success with extending the life of my curls. Today, I'm on Day 5 without washing them. The perks of not washing them every day are that I don't have the long dry time AND I save on product. I still have to use some products but not the ones I … Continue reading Extending the Life of My Curls

Curly …Easy… Uh Huh … Yeah

I was at the produce market Sunday, and I heard somebody across the building say "I love her hair." I have to tell you that throughout my life people have LOVED my hair. I wish I had loved my hair. To me, my hair was a colossal pain in the ass with very little payoff. … Continue reading Curly …Easy… Uh Huh … Yeah