Rebelling Out Loud

I always considered myself a rebel. But if I reflect on it, I'm not sure I really am. Fear keeps me bound by rules that tell me to get an 8 to 5 job, save up for retirement, find a nice man and keep my house clean. But my heart is not always in any … Continue reading Rebelling Out Loud

A Chicago Dream

"If you quit drinking so much water, do you think you wouldn't 'go' as much?" she yelled in the quiet restaurant. "What?", he snapped back. "If you didn't drink so much water, do you think you would 'go' so much?" Chicago speaks loudly but in a warm, humorous way.  The people are not as rude … Continue reading A Chicago Dream

A Beautiful Snowy Evening

One of my coworkers walked over to my desk today and informed me that we were getting 20 inches of snow in the next couple of days. "What?" I asked incredulously. I knew it was possible because I'd lived here before, but at that time I wasn't having to shovel my own snow. I lived … Continue reading A Beautiful Snowy Evening

I Miss Conversation

I started a Meetup Group awhile back called Humans in Conversation. I advertised it as a group where we'd practice conversational skills as we humans have quit engaging in conversation and are losing the knack for it. There was lots of interest but only one person ever really showed up. We decided to be friends, … Continue reading I Miss Conversation

I have a Proclivity to….

  Today's prompt is proclivity. I had to look it up. I have a proclivity to..... Get angry and irritable when I'm hungry. Spend too much money on clothes. Choose chocolate over oranges. Forget to turn the lights out when I leave a room. Believe that I can handle most things on my own. Think … Continue reading I have a Proclivity to….