Simplifing the Superhero

My Memphis friend Gene in turned me on to the Optimal Living Daily podcast a few weeks ago. The one he mentioned was one on writing, and I thought it was pretty cool, but I didn't listen again until this morning. Vacation is optimal living anyway, right? Justin, the author of this podcast, takes the … Continue reading Simplifing the Superhero

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Whew!!! I've got a lot going on. I've got a quickly approaching deadline to take my Project Manager Professional certification test. I'm buried in the books as much as I can possibly stand it. Let's face it, reading the PMBOK Guide is not the most salacious and entertaining read. But, it feels REALLY good to … Continue reading Happy Friday, Y’all!

Running the Race to the Finish Line

I'm running the Shamrock Shuffle 8K this morning. I've been wanting to run this race for several years - maybe as many as 10 - after hearing about it from my friend Jill. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was happening the weekend I was going to be in Chicago visiting my friend Nancy. … Continue reading Running the Race to the Finish Line

Just Start the Conversation

On the way home from Chicago yesterday, I listened to a podcast about the The Lonely American Man. Suicide rates for men have spun out of control. Seven out of 10 suicides in 2016 were white males. Middle-aged men seem to be particularly vulnerable. (Statistics on suicide) If you are interested, please listen to the … Continue reading Just Start the Conversation

Never Look Back

"Never look back," my Aunt Iris said to me as a 35-year-old recently divorced woman. Right before her 25th Wedding Anniversary party I found out she had been divorced three times. There was no one else in my family that had been divorced that I could talk to, so this was a blessed discovery. When … Continue reading Never Look Back

A Body in Motion

In the April edition of Runner's World Magazine, there's a story about Chau Smith, a 71-year-old resident of Kansas City, Missouri. In 2017, she completed the Triple 7 Quest - a series of 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. As luck would have it, a new continent was added two weeks and some … Continue reading A Body in Motion

We Croak… Let Me Remind You

I subscribed to an app that reminds me 5 times a day that I'm going to die. I know that sounds a bit wacky. Dan Harris on 10% Happier interviewed the creator of this app on his podcast on March 14. I grappled with the concept a bit. Would I really want to be reminded … Continue reading We Croak… Let Me Remind You

Progress is Found in the Rear View Mirror

I'm cutting out coffee again. I get to a point where I'm just not feeling good. My energy is zapped. My brain seems fuzzy. And I get tired of the constant pull to get more caffeine. I don't like to be told what to do, so when a substance starts driving my spending and consumption … Continue reading Progress is Found in the Rear View Mirror