Never Look Back

"Never look back," my Aunt Iris said to me as a 35-year-old recently divorced woman. Right before her 25th Wedding Anniversary party I found out she had been divorced three times. There was no one else in my family that had been divorced that I could talk to, so this was a blessed discovery. When … Continue reading Never Look Back

I Miss Conversation

I started a Meetup Group awhile back called Humans in Conversation. I advertised it as a group where we'd practice conversational skills as we humans have quit engaging in conversation and are losing the knack for it. There was lots of interest but only one person ever really showed up. We decided to be friends, … Continue reading I Miss Conversation

The 2 Minute Date

I had my own version of speed-dating yesterday. At a speed-dating event you go around the room spending a couple of minutes with people to see if you click. You have contact information, so you can contact whomever you want after the event. I had a date with a guy yesterday that got speed-dating confused … Continue reading The 2 Minute Date

Texting is NOT Dating

I'm sure I've written about this before. So, move along if you've already heard it. I do not understand this cultural change to texting as a primary form of communication in dating relationships. Well, I shouldn't say I don't understand it. It's easy. It's available. It's tempting. And we really don't have a lot of … Continue reading Texting is NOT Dating

Fifty Shades of Valentines

I've had 54 Valentine's Days in my life. When I think back to the little girl Valentine's Days, I remember Valentine's Day with fond memories. Daddy would get us little red Valentine hearts filled with chocolate candies. I felt like such a big girl with a miniature of the giant chocolate heart he'd give to … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Valentines

Paying the Price of Admission: Relationships

I'm a little discombobulated about what I'd like to write about today. I have a couple of of things I'm tossing around but not much feels good. I actually slept until 8 AM this morning, something that is rare for me. It makes me a little lazy when I sleep that late. It's not like … Continue reading Paying the Price of Admission: Relationships

The Latest Flame Starter: Tinder

My friend Jessica told me that she'd started online dating on the app Tinder. I'd never heard of it. I promptly forgot about it because it sounded a bit like a hook-up app or something. So, when I got ready to start perusing the available specimens of the opposite sex, I went back to … Continue reading The Latest Flame Starter: Tinder

Dousing the Fire with Text

Note: Some of these text exchanges are R-rated due to explicit language. I've recently had a few potential romantic relationships fizzle and die out because of the inability of us to move beyond text as a primary form of communication. It is the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced - this crutch of texting in … Continue reading Dousing the Fire with Text

The Trapping of the Rebound

I married my second husband when he was on the rebound. He had been separated for about a year and a half but was not divorced yet. He didn't tell me this in the beginning. He let me think he was divorced, and, by the time he came clean, my heart was already involved. I … Continue reading The Trapping of the Rebound

Be Unforgettable: The Pursuit of Romance

One of things that I hate about online dating is that I often have to contact the guys who interest me. It's not like you are in a coffee shop and can smile at them or go stand by them and ask for some sugar.....the white stuff, silly, I'm not that bold. I hate it … Continue reading Be Unforgettable: The Pursuit of Romance