Memories of a Gorgeous Weekend

I didn't get to post about the weekend because it was so hectic, and I've been busy since I got back, but I wanted to share what could have been one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. My sister and I went crazy in Chicago and then drove all over the … Continue reading Memories of a Gorgeous Weekend

Lighthouses, Snowfall and Pie

  My baby brother came to town last weekend with his wife Laura and his daughter Mariya. Mariya had wanted to see snow, so back in November or December when we were inundated with the fluffy powder, they booked a trip for Mardi Gras weekend. As it got closer, it became more and more obvious … Continue reading Lighthouses, Snowfall and Pie

This is my Story, and I’m Sticking To It

On my birthday, I'm going on a trip down Memory Lane. I thought I'd compile photos and places where I've lived. Warning: It will probably be boring to you, but I've enjoyed doing it. It's kind of my way of scrapbooking, I guess.  You can click on the pictures to get the captions. First, I … Continue reading This is my Story, and I’m Sticking To It

Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 31 -Close Enough to Listen

A long time ago, I heard a Ted Talk by Dave Isay on an initiative called StoryCorps. I'll let you listen to the Ted Talk for the inspiration for this initiative, but basically it's a tool to capture people's stories through interviews. They set up booths in several cities where people had the opportunity to interview loved … Continue reading Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 31 -Close Enough to Listen

Thanksgiving: Picking on Bones

My parents got a new puppy about six weeks ago. His name is Rosceaux, and he's an English Cream Golden Retriever. He's really sweet but has a lot of puppy energy and is not really that small. In their small house, he tries to run off his energy, but a lack of runway trips him … Continue reading Thanksgiving: Picking on Bones

Pawpaw’s Watermelons

I sliced up a delicious cantaloupe for dinner tonight as a side dish to my summer veggie omelet. Every time I eat cantaloupe or watermelon, I'm reminded of my Pawpaw King. After he retired from the Standard Oil Co (today's Exxon), he started a huge garden that took up acres on our property. He grew … Continue reading Pawpaw’s Watermelons

A Lazy Day on Rotten Bayou

I left this morning to visit my brother Terry's family in Diamondhead. Diamondhead is one of those communities that I remember hearing about when I was in high school. At the time it was being built, I remember adults talking about it as a fancy resort sort of destination, but I never went to Diamondhead … Continue reading A Lazy Day on Rotten Bayou

Partying on Christmas Eve

I was reading a blog the other day by an Englishman who moved to Australia when he was young. Australia's seasons are directly opposite ours. Christmas falls in the middle of summer. He said there were lots of people who migrated from England to Australia at that time, and it was laughable to watch them … Continue reading Partying on Christmas Eve

The Beat Goes On … and On … and On

Ever since I turned 50, I've been doing the math. If you're over 50, you may as well admit you do the math, too. Let's see ... I'm 50 ... 51 ... 52 ... if I live to be 75, I have 25 ... 24 ... 23 ... years left. What if I live to … Continue reading The Beat Goes On … and On … and On

Going With the Flow

It's been a go with the flow sort of day. I went out last night with some old friends, and when it got time to leave, I could not find my car keys. I'm out of town, so my car keys are a critical piece of equipment for transporting me back to Memphis to my … Continue reading Going With the Flow