Fiction: Almost Given Up

Tara looked at her running shoes on the other side of the room. They look like new but had been in her possession for many months. "There's nothing like the feel of a new running shoe under my feet," she thought. It made her smile. She glanced out the window at the road that she … Continue reading Fiction: Almost Given Up

Fiction: Desire

Kate walked down the wooden steps to the running store with a smile on her face. After she had decided to start running again this morning, she needed to get a pair of running shoes. It had been a really long time since she'd bought running shoes. Her first shoes were the first pair of … Continue reading Fiction: Desire

My First Try at Fiction: A Spark

"The usual, Kate?" "Yes, of course," she laughed. She couldn't wait for that chocolatey coffee concoction to hit her palate and signal the start of a new day. For an hour last night, she lay awake trying to decide if she would get up early and go for a walk or sleep in. She'd finally … Continue reading My First Try at Fiction: A Spark