Listening to my Body

I started Jessica's Fit Camp this week. I realized last year with my long distance running that my body is just not as strong as it used to be. Of course, there are times in my life when I've been stronger due to more focus on strength training, but my overall strength is starting to … Continue reading Listening to my Body

Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows

When I got off work Friday it was 70 degrees. I was so damn happy that I decided to wait until the evening to run. I packed up Ashok and headed to Grand Mere to try out my new trail running map supplied by the retired cross-country coach on our backpack last weekend. It did … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows

Running Season, More Coffeehouses and Sunshine

On Friday someone mentioned it was supposed to be sunny all weekend. I checked my weather app, and they were right. It's hardly spring with temps in the 20s-40s and snow in the forecast, but the sun shining in the sky is a reason to celebrate. I got up Saturday morning early to get a … Continue reading Running Season, More Coffeehouses and Sunshine

Yumming on Yummly

Whirlpool bought a tech company named Yummly. Why would we need a tech company? Well, Yummly happens to be a virtual recipe collection app. And, think about it. We make kitchen appliances. What do you do on kitchen appliances? You cook food. And how do you know how to cook food? You look for recipes. … Continue reading Yumming on Yummly

That First Bite is the Sweetest

Today's Daily Prompt is "bite".  Why is it that the first bite of food is always the best? Maybe I'm hungrier. It could be a supply/demand sort of thing. Scientists also say that the pleasure centers in our brain register the pleasure of food or any addictive substance even before we consume it. For an … Continue reading That First Bite is the Sweetest

My Best Cup in Marquette: Dead River Coffee Roasters

While some people go on winery tours in Michigan and others explore the various breweries that populate every little small town in the state, I look for the best and the yummiest coffeehouses. Coffee is my drug of choice - mainly because the rest of my drugs of choice no longer serve me. Gratefully, there … Continue reading My Best Cup in Marquette: Dead River Coffee Roasters

The Mark of the Culinarily Curious

There was a time in my life I called myself an appliance genius. I was a customer service representative and later a sales trainer for the largest maker of appliances in the United States (today Whirlpool is the largest appliance manufacturer in the world, but I digress). For all of the questions that consumers had … Continue reading The Mark of the Culinarily Curious

Natural High

After I posted last night, my friend Ann from NOLA said she was in the process of quitting sugar, too. My former boss commented that he and his wife are doing Whole 30 right now. In that one, you only eat whole foods which means ALL the good stuff - booze, sugar, grains, dairy and legumes … Continue reading Natural High

Body, Heal Thyself

Okay, I've decided I'm committing to 30 days without sugar. I was telling my friend Ann tonight that I really need to develop this attitude about sugar that has a more positive slant. It's not that I want to give up sugar. No one wants to give up sugar. It's delicious, and when I eat … Continue reading Body, Heal Thyself

Channeling My Inner Icelander: Longings

I spent another day yesterday riding the sugar roller coaster. "Just stop eating it," you say. "It's bad for me," I say. "It's poison," say the books that proclaim sugar as the downfall of our health as a country. "It's an addiction," say the psychologists and substance abuse counselors. "It keeps you company when you … Continue reading Channeling My Inner Icelander: Longings