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Mid-week Inspiration: Struggling with Food

I love it when I find out that some person that is “my hero” doesn’t do it perfectly either. I was reading my new issue of Runner’s World this morning, and the editor of the magazine – the magazine of all things running – confessed to a bunch of beginner mistakes that screwed up his

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Living: Sticking it to Me

I’ve shared that I struggled with depression for many years. My depression has actually turned out to be one of my most blessed gifts. I know that may sound weird, but it has forced me to take care of myself, and the fear of it coming back keeps me motivated to continue living a healthy life.

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Let’s get physical…

Fitness is a priority for me. Now…don’t stop reading…haha. Let me tell you my spin on it. Yes, there are all the advantages of weight loss and maintenance and good health, etc. – but, we all know that. I move because it opened up my world. When I was in college, I started running. In

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