Hitting All My Marks

"Wish me luck," I said to my coworkers as I was leaving. "I have to run tonight."  "You are running outside in this?" my coworker said. "Better you than me." I knew it was cold. I didn't know it was raining, sleeting and spitting snow until I walked out the door. Ugh... do I really … Continue reading Hitting All My Marks

Chicago From a Window Seat

A man on the streetcorner amplifies his voice through a bullhorn. "Jesus loves you," he screams to no one in particular. A taxi horn toot-toots. Shoppers swarm across the bridge wearing dark coats, bright hats and multi-colored gloves as if it's a uniform. The wound on my back throbs. I should have bandaged it I … Continue reading Chicago From a Window Seat

My Trusty Rides

I'm not sure what month I purchased them. Sometime last fall, I committed to running again and walked over to Connected Soles, the running store two blocks from my house. The shoe specialist offered me some choices, and I ended up with a pair of purple Saucony Rides. They felt so comfy on my feet … Continue reading My Trusty Rides

Taking the Path of More Resistance

I mapped out my 11-miler for Sunday morning. I just could NOT do another circular run around my house. During the week I have to stay close to save time, but why on earth would I trace the same steps again when I have the freedom to roam? I traced a beautiful route online through … Continue reading Taking the Path of More Resistance

The Great “I Am”

I still struggle calling myself a runner. I use the walk/run method, and there is a strong inclination of serious runners to turn up their noses at walk breaks. Never mind the fact that they might walk at points when they are running long distances. I run in intervals throughout my race, so for some … Continue reading The Great “I Am”

The Challenge Revisited

"I could never do that," non-running friends say when I tell them I'm running an endurance race. "Well, of course not," I tell them. "I couldn't do it either if I hadn't trained all summer. That's the magic of long distance running. If you just keep increasing gradually, taking one step at a time, your … Continue reading The Challenge Revisited

Predator and Prey

I did not want to run Saturday. I'm on a taper now, but still the 10 miles in the moderate Michigan heat did not tempt me. I long for the days when I looked forward to the adventure of long runs. For some reason, my love affair with endurance running seems to be waning. I … Continue reading Predator and Prey

Sunday Night Check-In: Racing, Friends and Sand

I drove up to Dewitt Mi on Friday night to stay with my new friend Michelle who was going to run The Legend with me on Saturday. She lived in an adorable historical home in downtown Dewitt. We didn't have a lot of time to visit before bed but we took a short walk downtown … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Racing, Friends and Sand

Tomorrow: A Trail Half Marathon

Tomorrow I'm attempting a trail half marathon. I've never done this distance on a trail, and I'm not sure I'll be able to finish. My half marathon legs are not quite solid yet, and I've been training mostly on a flat straight surface. I opted last weekend for an unpaved trail run, but the trail … Continue reading Tomorrow: A Trail Half Marathon

Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows

When I got off work Friday it was 70 degrees. I was so damn happy that I decided to wait until the evening to run. I packed up Ashok and headed to Grand Mere to try out my new trail running map supplied by the retired cross-country coach on our backpack last weekend. It did … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows