Resistance is the Teacher

    The Sunday night before I started my PMP (Project Management Professional) class, the instructor sent out an email on what to bring to class and some links for additional study. In that email, he said we would be doing algebra and provided a link to Kahn Academy's algebra lessons. "Algebra??" I said aloud … Continue reading Resistance is the Teacher

Sundays in Sawyer: Dancing With Darkness

It was dark when I left out this morning at 8 AM. Christmas lights sparkled red and green against the soft luminescent snow. The Winter Solstice is this week - Thursday to be exact. I love Solstice celebrations. When I think of the significance of lightness and darkness in our lives, it makes sense to … Continue reading Sundays in Sawyer: Dancing With Darkness

Sunday Night Check-In: Chillin’

It was a long week last week. Everyday started at 6:30 AM ended around 7:30 PM with a meeting. Luckily, there were slow times in between where I could run home and walk my dog, but I had some very long days even for somebody who usually gets up early. I'm waking up now at … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Chillin’

What I Learned in Yoga This Morning….

I've rearranged my mornings a bit since I've started back to work. I was doing yoga first thing after feeding the pets, but it just didn't flow. After I got all loosey goosey and reveling in the "sauce" of my practice, I had to walk the dog and get ready for the day. Ashok got … Continue reading What I Learned in Yoga This Morning….

Another Voice: Freedom by Sallie Watson Williams

Note from Me: I love it when people want to guest blog. For one thing, it gives my readers a break from my listening to me... variety is good, right? But what I truly get excited about is the risk they are taking. I know that they are putting themselves out there in a way that I … Continue reading Another Voice: Freedom by Sallie Watson Williams

Sunday Night Check-In: Long, Lazy Weekend

Since the monsoon forced the evacuation of our building last Thursday at 1 PM, I had a really long, unexpected weekend. It would have been nice to have some great weather, but I guess I wouldn't have the days off if the weather was good. I'm very grateful that I didn't get flooded, but I … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Long, Lazy Weekend

Musical Medicine for My Soul

I'm sitting on my little chaise lounge with my kitties and Ashok listening to Kenny G play "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." I don't remember when I got my first Kenny G album, but I know it was the Miracles: The Holiday album that I purchased. I think Momma was playing it at her … Continue reading Musical Medicine for My Soul

Awakenings … Yoga … Ice Cream … Gear

I'm so bummed. About 3 years ago, I bought this amazing Now and Zen alarm clock that gives me the most beautiful and peaceful awakening every morning. It chimes once ... then chimes again 3 1/2 minutes later. The interval between the chimes decreases until I am definitely up no matter what time it is. I … Continue reading Awakenings … Yoga … Ice Cream … Gear

Yoga Challenge Day 30: I Made It!

Today was the 30th day of my Yoga Challenge. I did yoga every day for 30 days. Some days it was a vigorous practice. On others, I did a long yoga nidra. But, I did something every day. I listened to my body and did challenging practices when I needed the energy, and I did … Continue reading Yoga Challenge Day 30: I Made It!

Yoga Challenge Day #15: Loving Les

I took some classes with Les Leventhal in Chicago at the Midwest Yoga Conference. It doesn't look like they are still having it in Chicago unless I just can't find it on the internet. I loved going to that conference. I got to practice with national teachers like Seane Corn, the Kest brothers (Jonny and … Continue reading Yoga Challenge Day #15: Loving Les