Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tree

Today I bought a Christmas tree. I know.... I KNOW. When I went to Chicago before Christmas I stopped at this place and they had these beautiful life-like Christmas trees 50% off. I was tempted. But I decided to make a deal with the Universe. If one of those trees was available after Christmas and … Continue reading Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tree

What If Santa Was a Shaman?

The New York Times featured a story this morning that was a compilation of short holiday videos. The first one sounded a little funky, so I clicked on it out of curiosity. Click below to watch it. We know that all of our holidays are some combination of folklore, paganism and religious storytelling. For … Continue reading What If Santa Was a Shaman?

Favorite Holiday Things: Eggnog Lattes, Frango and Holiday Lights

Last's years Christmas tree in St. Joe. No snow today! I went with a coworker to the lighting of the bluff in St. Joe last night. We froze our toes off but listened to the high school choir as we gathered with other local residents for the highlight of the holiday season. The icy wind … Continue reading Favorite Holiday Things: Eggnog Lattes, Frango and Holiday Lights

The Kickoff of the Holidays

My AirBnb host has 11 of her 12 children home for the holiday. There is hustle and bustle down the stairs while dishes clang and laughter abounds. The fireplace in the dining room burns almost nonstop providing a respite and break in between chores and events. Song and the sound of a harp punctuate the … Continue reading The Kickoff of the Holidays

Sinking Into Gratitude

Find me in the photo! I'm in my happy place. This morning I'm going to take Ashok for a run on the river trail in Tulsa, but first I found an open coffeehouse right around the block from me. The Coffeehouse on Cherry Street seems to be a happening place at 7 AM, and I … Continue reading Sinking Into Gratitude

Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends

My gay boyfriend Michael and my running coach Jessica somehow managed to move 15 minutes away from each other in Tulsa. They both lived in Memphis at one time but have never met. Between the three of us, we've moved 8 times since we lived in Midtown Memphis. When a Thanksgiving invitation came around, I … Continue reading Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends

Our Need to Look Forward

  I had brunch at the Browns' house today on Dewey Lake. If you'll remember, I spent a month in the little cottage by the lake when I first moved up to Michigan. But today was the last meal that the Browns would have in the big cottage on the hill. I've had at least … Continue reading Our Need to Look Forward

Finally 2017: Uncovering a New Path

I always like to look at last year's New Year's blog to see what I had hoped for the year ahead to see if I nailed it. Sometimes I do. Other times it's not even close. I blogged on New Year's Eve last year but not on the first day of 2017. I know that … Continue reading Finally 2017: Uncovering a New Path

The Silver Lining of a Year Gone Bad

I'm kind of excited! I'm charting my calendar for the weekend. I have two parties to attend, and it looks like we are getting snow, snow and more snow! I may get a chance to snowshoe. I joined a local running club, and I plan to attend their Saturday morning run tomorrow. They seem so … Continue reading The Silver Lining of a Year Gone Bad

Christmas Vacation in Chicago 2017

We arrived in Chicago today for our holiday in the city. I have always loved Chicago at Christmastime, and with a great stroke of luck, hotels are reasonably priced during the holiday. When I lived up here before, I used to book on Priceline and get really great deals on downtown hotels, but since I … Continue reading Christmas Vacation in Chicago 2017