Our Need to Look Forward

  I had brunch at the Browns' house today on Dewey Lake. If you'll remember, I spent a month in the little cottage by the lake when I first moved up to Michigan. But today was the last meal that the Browns would have in the big cottage on the hill. I've had at least … Continue reading Our Need to Look Forward

Finally 2017: Uncovering a New Path

I always like to look at last year's New Year's blog to see what I had hoped for the year ahead to see if I nailed it. Sometimes I do. Other times it's not even close. I blogged on New Year's Eve last year but not on the first day of 2017. I know that … Continue reading Finally 2017: Uncovering a New Path

The Silver Lining of a Year Gone Bad

I'm kind of excited! I'm charting my calendar for the weekend. I have two parties to attend, and it looks like we are getting snow, snow and more snow! I may get a chance to snowshoe. I joined a local running club, and I plan to attend their Saturday morning run tomorrow. They seem so … Continue reading The Silver Lining of a Year Gone Bad

Christmas Vacation in Chicago 2017

We arrived in Chicago today for our holiday in the city. I have always loved Chicago at Christmastime, and with a great stroke of luck, hotels are reasonably priced during the holiday. When I lived up here before, I used to book on Priceline and get really great deals on downtown hotels, but since I … Continue reading Christmas Vacation in Chicago 2017

Sundays in Sawyer: Dancing With Darkness

It was dark when I left out this morning at 8 AM. Christmas lights sparkled red and green against the soft luminescent snow. The Winter Solstice is this week - Thursday to be exact. I love Solstice celebrations. When I think of the significance of lightness and darkness in our lives, it makes sense to … Continue reading Sundays in Sawyer: Dancing With Darkness

Sundays in Saugatuck: Relaxing Holiday

It seems like just yesterday, I penned my blog about the long vacation waiting ahead of me. I feel more rested at this point than I did then even though I ran a 7-miler this morning. Yesterday was particularly relaxing. I only left my house to go to the YMCA for a workout. The rest … Continue reading Sundays in Saugatuck: Relaxing Holiday

Some Days are Just Harder Than Others

My friend Lori sent me this beautiful "hand-warmer" mug as a surprise. I knew I had to run tonight, but I was puddled in the lethargy of a post-Thanksgiving work pot luck lunch. So, I grabbed that beautiful little mug and fixed myself some green chaiĀ  laced with my homemade almond milk hoping it would … Continue reading Some Days are Just Harder Than Others

Things I Learned in My 55th Year

Today I am 56 years old. WTF? Dolly Parton's birthday is also this week, and she'll be 71. I'm only 15 years from 71. Holy cow... WTH??? Daddy called this morning and wished me a happy birthday. He went on and on about being old enough to have a daughter that is 55. I said, … Continue reading Things I Learned in My 55th Year

It Ended As It Began – 2016

    Happy New Years Eve! 2016 has been an up and down year for me for sure. I'm eager to see it end, and excited to see what 2017 might bring. All week, I've been seeing memories from Facebook of last year's holiday hike on the Wild Azalea Trail. It was my first long … Continue reading It Ended As It Began – 2016

Christmas Is Christmas …. Always

My sister asked me this morning, "Is it hard?" We had been talking about my Christmas on My Own this year. It's certainly not the first Christmas I've spent on my own. One of the first Christmases I spent on my own was the first one after my first divorce. Momma came up for the … Continue reading Christmas Is Christmas …. Always