Picture Windows

My former boss, Curt, was devastated when I got the job at Whirlpool. We were just starting to do some really good work together. But he was very supportive as it was completely obvious that the state of Louisiana could not offer me what I could get here. When I showed him the picture of … Continue reading Picture Windows

My New Red Baby

I've been thinking about buying KitchenAid's Nespresso Espresso Machine ever since I landed on Whirlpool soil. I get a great price with employee pricing, but I couldn't really decide if I'd like making my own lattes at home. I love coffee shops, and it's so much more than a cup of coffee for me. I … Continue reading My New Red Baby

Let the Shoveling Begin #southernbadass

I knew it was coming. St. Joseph was just on the edge of the lake effect snow of last week. We got an inch or two which was beautiful but was certainly NOT lake effect snow. All day last Thursday I watched the radar as Benton Harbor/St. Joe skirted by on the edge of the … Continue reading Let the Shoveling Begin #southernbadass

Sunday Night Check-In: Organized

  Last week was a big week at work for me. Our training event that had been in the works ever since I arrived on Whirlpool soil was held, and I think it went very well. But I had some early starts, and I was worn out by the end of each day. So, my … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Organized