#PhoneBreakUp: It’s Over

So I broke up with my phone. You can read more about my initial journey by going to the category on my blog entitled How to Break Up With Your Phone. I use it mainly for listening to podcasts and tracking my runs with an occasional glance at the news. And, of course, I watch … Continue reading #PhoneBreakUp: It’s Over

The Chatter #phonebreakup

"Get up! Let's listen to Colbert's monologue. I'll bet he's yanking on Omarosa!" "I'm waiting an hour before I get my phone." "What? An hour? What about the weather? Don't you need to know the weather?" "The weather can wait an hour. I'm not running this morning." "What if something happened last night? You might … Continue reading The Chatter #phonebreakup

Empowering Restraint #phonebreakup

Okay, I'm sold. All I had to do was put my phone away to charge in another room an hour before sleep, and I'm dreaming like a fool. For years, I've wondered why I couldn't remember my dreams anymore. I never thought that I might not be dreaming. I still don't know which it is, … Continue reading Empowering Restraint #phonebreakup

The Benefits of Paying Attention

Last night I met a couple of my team members for dinner. At one point, my manager said, "Look around this restaurant at the people on their phones." I looked around, and in the restaurant, every single table was filled with people with heads down, staring at their phones. And every one of them was … Continue reading The Benefits of Paying Attention

The Pacifier

I always tell my friends that leaving is a process. When you are ending a significant relationship or making a big change, it's rarely a single decision. Most of the time, there are a thousand little decisions and awarenesses that move you away from the current state to the new state. And it usually involves … Continue reading The Pacifier