The Fruit of the Spirit

I've had writer's block for awhile now. I've been really working with it for over a year, and the magic seems to have evaporated. My head used to be full of stories, and my day would be scattered with seemingly magical moments where topics would arise out of nowhere. Gleefully, I'd grab it, run with … Continue reading The Fruit of the Spirit

Don’t Push the River

I'm re-reading Richard Rohr's Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer. I bought the book a couple of years ago at the urging of my college friend, Russell. It was an excellent read, and I got in the mood to read it again - just in case I might have a different perspective now. I … Continue reading Don’t Push the River

Taking the Path of More Resistance

I mapped out my 11-miler for Sunday morning. I just could NOT do another circular run around my house. During the week I have to stay close to save time, but why on earth would I trace the same steps again when I have the freedom to roam? I traced a beautiful route online through … Continue reading Taking the Path of More Resistance

The Great “I Am”

I still struggle calling myself a runner. I use the walk/run method, and there is a strong inclination of serious runners to turn up their noses at walk breaks. Never mind the fact that they might walk at points when they are running long distances. I run in intervals throughout my race, so for some … Continue reading The Great “I Am”

The Chatter #phonebreakup

"Get up! Let's listen to Colbert's monologue. I'll bet he's yanking on Omarosa!" "I'm waiting an hour before I get my phone." "What? An hour? What about the weather? Don't you need to know the weather?" "The weather can wait an hour. I'm not running this morning." "What if something happened last night? You might … Continue reading The Chatter #phonebreakup

Empowering Restraint #phonebreakup

Okay, I'm sold. All I had to do was put my phone away to charge in another room an hour before sleep, and I'm dreaming like a fool. For years, I've wondered why I couldn't remember my dreams anymore. I never thought that I might not be dreaming. I still don't know which it is, … Continue reading Empowering Restraint #phonebreakup


What a glorious day my higher power hath made! What am I grateful for? I spent the day with Nancy who traveled with me through relapse, recovery, divorce and rebirth. She's one of those easy friends who totally gets my story and loves me through it. I am grateful for love in all kinds of … Continue reading Gratitude

The Pacifier

I always tell my friends that leaving is a process. When you are ending a significant relationship or making a big change, it's rarely a single decision. Most of the time, there are a thousand little decisions and awarenesses that move you away from the current state to the new state. And it usually involves … Continue reading The Pacifier

Sorry, Baby…It’s Over

I have noticed lately that I've been obsessed with my phone. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the news. I'm sick of social media (except my blog, of course). I'm sick of comments from mean, nasty people who incite anger and fear in me. I'm tired of missing pieces of conversations because I'm distracted. … Continue reading Sorry, Baby…It’s Over

An Excellent Plan B

My long run.... My weekend did not work out as planned. I wanted to go to a bonfire Saturday night, so I did my long run Saturday morning. I was exhausted, as usual, but I took a long nap to get ready for a late night out. About 5 PM I got an email with … Continue reading An Excellent Plan B