Girl Talk: Jessica’s Letter to Her Midlife Self

Last week, I wrote a letter to my 25 year old self with the promise that my 25 year old friend Jessica was going to write a letter to her 50 year old self. I'm going to let her letter speak for itself. I am personally moved to tears at this moment thinking of what … Continue reading Girl Talk: Jessica’s Letter to Her Midlife Self

Get in shape…Jessica’s workout for making your backside your best side.


I’ve been noticing a familiar pain in my ass (and that’s literal, not metaphorical) reappearing every now and then.  Last time it was hangin’ around I referred to it as the PITA.  It hangs around mostly in my right glute but occasionally transforms into a tugging sensation and pain in my low back.  If I catch it early (which I hope I have), I can incorporate a few stretching and strength moves to keep it calm.  No one likes a PITA, especially an angry one.

Last night in my free weekly core class at the Texas Running Company, I had a few students who also completed the IBM 10k on Sunday.  With recovery for legs in mind, and treatment for the PITA, I took out most of the harder full body cardio moves and one of the rounds of lunges.  Instead we focused more on our actual abs and the…

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Another Voice: Get Strong

Jessica is my personal trainer. I’ve had other trainers, but she is the one I refer to as my trainer. She helped me develop a program that works for me…gentle, effective and doable in my time available. She also aggressively encouraged me to blog. I think you’ll love her writing. She is wise beyond her years and has a positive energy and spirit.


Weekly Workouts

One main objective of this blog is to include all aspects of my life on the run.   I’d like to do a better job of incorporating the wide variety of workouts that accompany my training outside of the actual time on the road.  Strength training is monstrously important, not just for runners and athletes, but for everyone seeking general healthfulness (and who isn’t).  So I’m hoping (and y’all know how I am about saying things and not following through – like my recap of St. Jude 2012…) to start a weekly installment of strength training workouts to come at ya on Wednesdays.

Each week will feature a different kind of routine – upper body, lower body, endurance, strength, power, plyometrics, core, TRX, etc.  If you have special requests or questions, you should mention that 🙂

This week we’ll start with just the general importance of a strength…

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