Back to the Grind, Dammit!

I didn't sleep well last night. I have no idea why. I do know that I had a smidgeon of coffee this weekend. My esthetician noticed that I had some redness on my face. "What is that about?" she asked. Was I doing something different? There was nothing I could think of that seemed to … Continue reading Back to the Grind, Dammit!

It’s Friday, Y’all!

It's Friday! I did not want to get out of the bed this morning. I hit the snooze twice which is not a habit of mine. Ashok stood there nose-to-nose with me until her cold little nose irritated me enough to crawl out of bed. Now I know I'm going to struggle getting¬†off this couch … Continue reading It’s Friday, Y’all!

Sunday Night Check-In: Pseudo-Spring

A week or so ago we had an almost 60-degree day. The rains came, the snow melted, the rivers rose. Ever since then, it shocks me that its cold outside when I go out. I expect it to be warmer even though my weather app says its still in the 30s. In fact, last week, … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Pseudo-Spring

There Are No Words

Here we are again. There are just no words.¬† Actually, there may not be enough words. I keep wanting to write, but I can't process it all. And I'm not just talking about the immediate crisis of the Parkland shooting. The complex processing that I can't adequately express in words started with the Harvey Weinstein … Continue reading There Are No Words

Seeking Comfort: It’s Monday

In the January 22nd reading of Melody Beattie's Journey to the Heart, she provides a perspective on comfort. She keeps one of her favorite blankies in her Jeep. She doesn't use it to sleep with because she doesn't sleep outside, but she throws it in her vehicle to remind her of how important it is … Continue reading Seeking Comfort: It’s Monday

It’s the Degree of Enjoyment That Matters

    My sister texted me: It's snowing! WTF? In Louisiana? I looked out my window, and we had nothing. Not a flake was stirring. I pulled up the Weather Channel, and, sure enough, it was snowing in Cottonport and Baton Rouge. And I guess the whole south ended up with some degree of the … Continue reading It’s the Degree of Enjoyment That Matters

Summer … It’s Back!

For some reason, it's now in the mid-80s in Michigan. I had already mentally and emotionally moved on from summer. I even packed up my summer clothes and got out my fall wardrobe. My heavy winter coats still hang in the closet upstairs for it's not time for that yet. It's time for fall. The … Continue reading Summer … It’s Back!

The Ugly Reflection in the Mirror

I am noodling some thoughts this morning, and I don't quite yet know what to make of our world at this moment. I have more questions than answers, and I wish all of us had more questions than answers right now. Perhaps we'd be better off questioning than trying to solve problems that aren't even … Continue reading The Ugly Reflection in the Mirror

Podcasts That I Love

For over a year now I've been listening to hiking podcasts. I love listening to the stories of thru-hikers. One of the podcasts is made up of interviews of hikers while on the trail. The background noise of the wind and their steps kicking up dirt accompany the rehashing of their daily ups and downs. … Continue reading Podcasts That I Love

My New Red Baby

I've been thinking about buying KitchenAid's Nespresso Espresso Machine ever since I landed on Whirlpool soil. I get a great price with employee pricing, but I couldn't really decide if I'd like making my own lattes at home. I love coffee shops, and it's so much more than a cup of coffee for me. I … Continue reading My New Red Baby