Listening to my Body

I started Jessica's Fit Camp this week. I realized last year with my long distance running that my body is just not as strong as it used to be. Of course, there are times in my life when I've been stronger due to more focus on strength training, but my overall strength is starting to … Continue reading Listening to my Body

Don’t Push the River

I'm re-reading Richard Rohr's Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer. I bought the book a couple of years ago at the urging of my college friend, Russell. It was an excellent read, and I got in the mood to read it again - just in case I might have a different perspective now. I … Continue reading Don’t Push the River

Learning from Anxiety

I woke up this morning before the alarm. My jaw was clenched. My eyes felt wild and panicked, searching for something to fixate on. The back of my neck gripped onto itself. I knew I wouldn't go back to sleep. My animals started to stir, reacting to my movement. Anxiety, dammit.... Damn IT!¬† I've been … Continue reading Learning from Anxiety

Changing Self-Talk Through Engaging With It

This morning I chose a meditation by George Mumford¬†in my 10% Happier app. This app has "courses" led by great meditation teachers to lead you deeper into practice and to provide tips on how to deal with the stress of daily living. George has become my favorite of all the teachers on this app. I … Continue reading Changing Self-Talk Through Engaging With It

The Indiscriminate Taskmaster

This morning I am enjoying downtown St. Joe in its post-summer quietness with a mocha (decaf), the book Quiet Your Mind by John Selby and my sweet Ashok. A chipmunk just raced across the road which perked her up as I dove into Shelby's thoughts on how judgement impacts others and, more specifically, our own … Continue reading The Indiscriminate Taskmaster

Accepting my Brokenness

I miss my house in Memphis. That place was so healing to me. The garden was too big for me to manage. The bedroom had no door. The bathroom only had a stand-up shower, so I couldn't take baths for years. And the sunroom in the back wasn't very well insulated which caused it to … Continue reading Accepting my Brokenness

Savoring My Life

As my meditation journey continues, I'm shocked at how differently I'm experiencing the world around me. In fact, I should say that I'm actually experiencing the world around me. As mindful as I tried to be in the past, the meditation takes it to a whole new level. I took an online course Friday night … Continue reading Savoring My Life