Running Through the Stars

For some reason, the city of St. Joseph isn't turning on the street lights about half the time in my neighborhood. It's a little irritating when I have to run early because it's really dark out. But I'm loving running amid the nighttime sky. The stars are amazing here in rural Michigan, and without the … Continue reading Running Through the Stars

The Challenge Revisited

"I could never do that," non-running friends say when I tell them I'm running an endurance race. "Well, of course not," I tell them. "I couldn't do it either if I hadn't trained all summer. That's the magic of long distance running. If you just keep increasing gradually, taking one step at a time, your … Continue reading The Challenge Revisited

Surf’s Up!

I got out tonight for my first run since my race rehearsal Saturday. Oh, my joints were creaky. I cursed the whole first interval as my brain begged me to give up this sport. The saving grace was the strong, cool breeze that reminded me that the hot, steamy runs of the last few weeks … Continue reading Surf’s Up!

The Shoulder Season

Chicago was sweltering yesterday. I kept thinking myself in January bundled up in sweaters and hats trying to keep warm as the north wind howled down the Chicago River. But still I sweated. In and out of the AC, my friend Nancy and I meandered trying to appreciate the warmth of summer but keep from … Continue reading The Shoulder Season

Sunday Night Check-In: Racing, Friends and Sand

I drove up to Dewitt Mi on Friday night to stay with my new friend Michelle who was going to run The Legend with me on Saturday. She lived in an adorable historical home in downtown Dewitt. We didn't have a lot of time to visit before bed but we took a short walk downtown … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Racing, Friends and Sand

Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows

When I got off work Friday it was 70 degrees. I was so damn happy that I decided to wait until the evening to run. I packed up Ashok and headed to Grand Mere to try out my new trail running map supplied by the retired cross-country coach on our backpack last weekend. It did … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Running, Blueberries and Open Windows

On the Shores of Gitche Gumee

I'm not sure when I first learned of the Pictured Rocks. I'm quite sure I didn't know it was in Michigan. Michigan, was, to me, the land of auto-makers, industrial plants and a burned-out Detroit. But I do remember seeing a picture of the magnificent sandstone cliffs at some point in my life and longing … Continue reading On the Shores of Gitche Gumee

An Excellent Plan B

My long run.... My weekend did not work out as planned. I wanted to go to a bonfire Saturday night, so I did my long run Saturday morning. I was exhausted, as usual, but I took a long nap to get ready for a late night out. About 5 PM I got an email with … Continue reading An Excellent Plan B

Up North Sampler: Round 2

Last year, I joined our local outfitter (Wanderlust) for a beginner backpacking trip "up North". I had not been backpacking since I moved here, and I really wanted to get back into it. I enjoyed myself so much and met so many interesting people, I decided to do it again this year. As a matter … Continue reading Up North Sampler: Round 2

Treasures in the Sand

For my second run this week, Jessica told me to run 30 minutes and then run some dunes or stairs. Luckily I had taken today off, so I decided to go to Grand Mere State Park and run the trails and dunes. I'm always afraid to do it before work even though daylight comes really … Continue reading Treasures in the Sand