Running Through the Stars

For some reason, the city of St. Joseph isn't turning on the street lights about half the time in my neighborhood. It's a little irritating when I have to run early because it's really dark out. But I'm loving running amid the nighttime sky. The stars are amazing here in rural Michigan, and without the … Continue reading Running Through the Stars

Surf’s Up!

I got out tonight for my first run since my race rehearsal Saturday. Oh, my joints were creaky. I cursed the whole first interval as my brain begged me to give up this sport. The saving grace was the strong, cool breeze that reminded me that the hot, steamy runs of the last few weeks … Continue reading Surf’s Up!

What a Gorgeous Michigan Weekend! #summertime

For the last month, I - along with many other Michiganders - have been toeing that line of demarcation between winter and spring. Moaning and groaning and carrying on about the lingering cold weather and even April snow has been a constant theme of every day. Last Sunday I drove to the beach, and I … Continue reading What a Gorgeous Michigan Weekend! #summertime

Sunday Night Check-In: Winter Fest

  When I lived up here last time, I don't remember doing much in the wintertime. My ex was a wuss when it came to cold weather, and he thought winter was made for waiting for spring b*tching about the weather. I didn't know any different. As a southerner, you hunker down and drip your … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Winter Fest

CoffeeHouse #1: Something New for 2018

I'm looking for a blog project. I want to be writing more frequently, but I'm struggling with topics. When I lived in Baton Rouge, I did a project called Love Baton Rouge where I wrote daily about something I loved in Baton Rouge. In part it was a way to shift my mind about Baton … Continue reading CoffeeHouse #1: Something New for 2018

A Beautiful Snowy Evening

One of my coworkers walked over to my desk today and informed me that we were getting 20 inches of snow in the next couple of days. "What?" I asked incredulously. I knew it was possible because I'd lived here before, but at that time I wasn't having to shovel my own snow. I lived … Continue reading A Beautiful Snowy Evening

The New Normal

With the lake effect snow we had last weekend, I had to pull out my snow boots and heavy coat and get used to the "snow" drill again. On Sunday, I put on my boots and bundled up for a trip to Sawyer for some coffee and biscotti. It took forever to get out the … Continue reading The New Normal

Downshifting to Winter

Almost as soon as Labor Day rolled past, the Lake Michigan winds started to blow. The temperature has dropped slowly but steadily since then. Sunday, we've got highs in the 30s, and there's a chance of snow in the forecast tomorrow. Thanksgiving is next week, and that is what I've always considered the marker of … Continue reading Downshifting to Winter

Summer’s Sensuous Kiss

After an early dinner, I decided to take Ashok for a walk downtown. The muggy, rainy morning had transformed into a gorgeous sunny afternoon with just a hint of a breeze. And I had time to kill. Bustling with summer vacationers and weekend visitors from Illinois, Saint Joe was dressed in its summer finest. With … Continue reading Summer’s Sensuous Kiss

An Evening in Victorian St. Joe

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