On the Shores of Gitche Gumee

I'm not sure when I first learned of the Pictured Rocks. I'm quite sure I didn't know it was in Michigan. Michigan, was, to me, the land of auto-makers, industrial plants and a burned-out Detroit. But I do remember seeing a picture of the magnificent sandstone cliffs at some point in my life and longing … Continue reading On the Shores of Gitche Gumee

Going longer… Getting stronger….

This weekend had a little bit of everything in it. I spent Friday evening with friends at two different art exhibit openings, Saturday with my spiritual community and Sunday out in nature. I even got a chance to cook some nice meals for myself and get enough sleep. While my house is not spic 'n … Continue reading Going longer… Getting stronger….

Up North Sampler: Round 2

Last year, I joined our local outfitter (Wanderlust) for a beginner backpacking trip "up North". I had not been backpacking since I moved here, and I really wanted to get back into it. I enjoyed myself so much and met so many interesting people, I decided to do it again this year. As a matter … Continue reading Up North Sampler: Round 2

Hiking in Newaygo and Coffeehouse #8: The Bitter End

Ahhhhhh.... finally. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. Today it was warm enough and dry enough to get out for a long hike on the North Country Trail. Yes, I can hike around for a an hour or two with my dog in the snow, but I was looking forward to a day warm … Continue reading Hiking in Newaygo and Coffeehouse #8: The Bitter End

The Underdog: Base Layers of Merino Wool

The Daily Prompt today is underdog. For some weird reason, the only thing I can wrap my mind around is underwear. Is there an underdog of underwear? Honestly, my base layer I wear when I'm running is sort of like the underdog of my wardrobe. It may not get the audience or attention that my … Continue reading The Underdog: Base Layers of Merino Wool

Yoopers, Fudgies and Trolls: North Country Trail Conference

Two years ago when I was hiking in North Carolina, I ran into a couple who was very active in the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. They told me I should check it out. Promises of meeting like-minded people and getting inspired to hike the Appalachian Trail really attracted me to the idea but I never got … Continue reading Yoopers, Fudgies and Trolls: North Country Trail Conference

Going Up and Up and Up: The UP

"Go West, young man," is the rallying cry that drove many of our forefathers to the Western U.S. to find their fortunes. For some reason, my compass always tells me to "Go North, young lady". Now that I live north, the only place to go is to the top of the world that ends at … Continue reading Going Up and Up and Up: The UP

A Watery Loop Deep in the Woods

In planning a hike for my first day here, I got out my handy guide to hiking in the Upper Peninsula¬†and researched the popular hikes. Some were heavily traveled. Nope, I'm not looking for that. Some were not well-marked, and the guide said to bring a compass. Hmmm... I'm not that confident in my navigational … Continue reading A Watery Loop Deep in the Woods

The River IS Your Life

With my meditation practice becoming a regular part of my life, I am starting to realize what it feels like to settle in and just be. About 40 minutes a day, I am comfortable just allowing the world to flail wildly around me without my participation. I just breathe. It feels comforting to just let … Continue reading The River IS Your Life

Up North Sampler

Last week I had decided to go backpacking on the Manistee River Trail, and I headed over to Wanderlust Outfitters downtown. While I was buying my dehydrated food, the gal at the counter told me they had a trip this weekend, and I should go with them.  I took the flyer and after checking last … Continue reading Up North Sampler