Summer’s Sensuous Kiss

After an early dinner, I decided to take Ashok for a walk downtown. The muggy, rainy morning had transformed into a gorgeous sunny afternoon with just a hint of a breeze. And I had time to kill. Bustling with summer vacationers and weekend visitors from Illinois, Saint Joe was dressed in its summer finest. With … Continue reading Summer’s Sensuous Kiss

Winter Moments

It's cold everywhere today. My Memphis friends are checking in with snow photos from a long snowy day at home. A friend from Baton Rouge called me to laughingly inform me it was 38 degrees, and Louisiana was officially shutting down. My old boss texted me a photo of an icy drive home in North Louisiana. … Continue reading Winter Moments

Making a Path Through the Snow

I've been enjoying the snow. I even enjoyed shoveling it. After all, it is exercise. Most of my activities don't require upper body strength, so this is one of the few great ways to get an upper body workout while I'm NOT focusing on working out. My dirty little secret is I really hate working … Continue reading Making a Path Through the Snow

Sunday Night Check-In: Miss, You Have to Glide

When I lived up here before, I lived 3 years in St. Joseph and 3 years in an Indiana town called Chesterton. It was here in February of 2003 that I took up running. Don't ask me why I started running in February in Michigan, but I did. In fact, I lived on a road … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Miss, You Have to Glide

So, This is Change

"So this is change," my wise friend Nancy said to me on the phone yesterday, "which is why everybody resists it, right? All your sh*t starts coming up, and it's painful. And we do this sh*t sober," she added. "It's not easy." Ahhhhhh .... the beauty of friends who get it. Nancy and I are … Continue reading So, This is Change

Life’s About Changin’ … #nothingstaysthesame

This morning I led an activity with my work group about change. Change is so hard but it is inevitable no matter how hard we dig our heels into whatever earth we cling to. We have no choice in this life but to change. If we don't bring change, life will place it in our … Continue reading Life’s About Changin’ … #nothingstaysthesame

Shared Treasures and Beautiful Things

I'm settling in to my little cozy house and am starting to make it my own. I took down the broken wooden blinds that covered up my beautiful double-hung windows and let the sun shine in. I'm starting to take up the carpet off my hardwood floors even though it's a lot harder than I … Continue reading Shared Treasures and Beautiful Things

What Dreams May Come…. Moving Day

I dreamed last night about moving into my new house today. Except you know how dreams are. My dream offered up a couple of twists. I bought one house, but I had the choice of two. The first choice was on Lake Michigan. It was a ranch-style house built in the 60s that had never … Continue reading What Dreams May Come…. Moving Day

I Feel a Chill in the Air

I was just startled by the raucous calls of an army of Canada Geese rising up from the lake to start their morning journey. Ashok raised her head with perked ears, and both of the cats jumped up onto the windowsills to see what was asunder. The cool breeze flutters the sheers, and I had to put on … Continue reading I Feel a Chill in the Air

Whirlwind: Sunsets, Collaboration and Insomnia

Whew! What a week! I started my new job this week at Whirlpool. Honestly, my mind is in a harried state although I did sleep the whole night through las night for the first time since I got my offer about 3 weeks ago. There is nothing better than a full night's sleep after a … Continue reading Whirlwind: Sunsets, Collaboration and Insomnia