Holiday Mingling at the Monaco

I was supposed to check out today and go home so I could put new tires on my car tomorrow. I should be packing up and making arrangements to get my car and skedaddle back to Michigan. Yesterday was such a fun day. I walked Ashok before it started snowing and settled in the lobby … Continue reading Holiday Mingling at the Monaco

Christmas Vacation in Chicago 2017

We arrived in Chicago today for our holiday in the city. I have always loved Chicago at Christmastime, and with a great stroke of luck, hotels are reasonably priced during the holiday. When I lived up here before, I used to book on Priceline and get really great deals on downtown hotels, but since I … Continue reading Christmas Vacation in Chicago 2017

Homeward Bound

  It's finally here!! I'm making my first journey home from St. Joe. I booked my flight awhile back. You know I'm not going to Baton Rouge after it gets too hot, and with this warm winter, that's next week. So I found a cheap flight from O'Hare to New Orleans, and the day has finally … Continue reading Homeward Bound

Sunday Night Check-In: Shifting Gears

I've had a rough week. To be honest, I've had a rough time for a few weeks. I'm not sure if it's SAD, or if I'm just sad. I know that I've been trying to reign in my consumption of sugar with a great deal of inconsistency. Every time I eat it, I am awake … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Shifting Gears

Winter Moments

It's cold everywhere today. My Memphis friends are checking in with snow photos from a long snowy day at home. A friend from Baton Rouge called me to laughingly inform me it was 38 degrees, and Louisiana was officially shutting down. My old boss texted me a photo of an icy drive home in North Louisiana. … Continue reading Winter Moments

It Ended As It Began – 2016

    Happy New Years Eve! 2016 has been an up and down year for me for sure. I'm eager to see it end, and excited to see what 2017 might bring. All week, I've been seeing memories from Facebook of last year's holiday hike on the Wild Azalea Trail. It was my first long … Continue reading It Ended As It Began – 2016

It Takes A Village to Save a Pile of Puppies

I got up for my usual 5:15 AM walk with Ashok yesterday. It was still dark, and we tooled along taking care of business and saying morning prayers. I was almost to the end of Capitol Heights when I spotted something that would end up totally changing my day. It was an undistinguishable mass right … Continue reading It Takes A Village to Save a Pile of Puppies

Who’s My Daddy?

Ashok loves her Mommy. They go hiking together ... and eat together ... and run together ... and ride together in the car. One morning Ashok woke up and wondered if she had a Daddy. The Pomeranians down the street had a Daddy. They didn't seem to have a Mommy. Maybe he was her Daddy!   … Continue reading Who’s My Daddy?

It’s National Dog Day! What’s There to Celebrate?

This morning at 5:30 AM I passed another dog owner walking his dogs. "It's National Dog Day!" I yelled across the street at him. He chuckled, and I ran on. It was 62 degrees this morning, and I enjoyed my run immensely. Even Ashok seemed to be pretty happy with running in the less humid … Continue reading It’s National Dog Day! What’s There to Celebrate?

Ashok’s Adventure: A Scary Hotel

Hi, everybody. I've got a lot of free time on my hands right now, so I thought I'd write on Momma's blog. She's making me wear this stupid inner tube around my neck. I think I'm being punished for something, but I can't figure out what I did. It all started last week. I got … Continue reading Ashok’s Adventure: A Scary Hotel