CoffeeHouse #1: Something New for 2018


I’m looking for a blog project. I want to be writing more frequently, but I’m struggling with topics. When I lived in Baton Rouge, I did a project called Love Baton Rouge where I wrote daily about something I loved in Baton Rouge. In part it was a way to shift my mind about Baton Rouge, but the benefit was largely creatively. It helped me write more. My feet were held to the proverbial fire. I had no excuses for not writing.

After some feedback from friends on Facebook, I’ve decided to try something new everyday and blog about it. In addition, I’m going to honor my 57th birthday this year by going to 57 coffeehouses throughout the year. I don’t know where I’m going to find them, but I’m going to find them.

To combine those two goals this morning, I decided to start my birthday holiday with a morning breakfast visit to Caffe Tosi in Saint Joseph. I know. I’ve been to Caffe Tosi’s before. But I’ve never hung around for breakfast – at least not this time around in Michigan. I got dressed, drove downtown, parked in the bitter cold and snow and cozied up to a table for some Cinnamon French Toast and coffee. I’m not supposed to have either but it’s my birthday holiday. Screw it.


Back in December I walked in Tosi for a scone, and I told the guy behind the counter that I was going to come back and sit for awhile. It was so cozy and beautifully decorated for the holiday. He said that would be great, and I actually never made it back. I got seduced by other coffeehouses, and it just never happened. This morning, I walked in, and he said “Sharon, isn’t it?” I was blown away that he remembered my name from that short interaction. And then I was so embarrassed that I didn’t remember his. But I thought it was really sweet that he remembered me.

He brought out this beautiful round homemade cinnamon bread french toast with maple syrup, and I ate it. I ate every bite. No exaggeration, it was delicious. I watched a table of runners come in from out of the cold and cozy up for coffee at a table. I only looked at my phone to take some pictures, and I enjoyed the sparkly Valentine’s decorations that adorn the windows. I decided that I quite like Caffe Tosi. For my coffeehouse #1 in 2018, it was a good choice.

Note: I later met a group of friends for coffee on the way to Chicago. I told them I had breakfast at Caffe Tosi, and they asked me if I saw Paul there. “Paul?” I asked. Then it clicked. He didn’t remember my name because he was some superstar barista that recalls the names of every ordinary customer that walks in the door. We have mutual friends. 🙂