Randomness: Enjoy Yourself

https://youtu.be/IdMWHB6Kz3A Who would have ever thought we would get old? I look into the faces of my contemporaries and see the lines gathering. Some have been brave enough to go completely gray naturally, while the rest of us keep daring ourselves to stop coloring. The face in the mirror looks older every year, but I … Continue reading Randomness: Enjoy Yourself

Randomness: Be Unforgettable

They say that memories are burned into your brain in direct correlation with the intensity of the emotions you felt at the time. If an event happens that doesn't affect you at all emotionally, there is little chance you will remember it in much detail. If you are abused or afraid or intensely angry or … Continue reading Randomness: Be Unforgettable

Randomness: Feelings

When I was going through my second divorce and all of the grief of my life was cascading over me in a relentless torrent of pain, it was all I could do to get through the day at work without falling apart. When I think of hard things, I think of those days. Because I … Continue reading Randomness: Feelings

Randomness: Be Sweet

I get tired of being tough. In fact, over the last few years I gave it up. I want to be soft. I want to be sensitive. I want to wrap myself in the world like it's a soft woolen blanket. I want to cry when I'm hurt, be hugged when I'm lonely and be … Continue reading Randomness: Be Sweet