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Right before I went to bed last night I made the mistake of looking at the headlines for a moment. I’ve done pretty well lately managing my intake of news but it was the timing and the gravity of the loss of Ruth Bader… Continue Reading “RIP RBG: OMG”

The Sickness in our Secrets

I discovered this film today. I’m not going to give a lot of commentary because it’s pretty powerful in itself. I found myself wondering what else I don’t know about our country. What secrets have our lily-white history books omitted? What else has our… Continue Reading “The Sickness in our Secrets”

Reactions: Overcoming Patterns

This is part of a new blog series called Reactions. I’m always reading something or listening to a podcast that provides information I find relevant to my life. I share them all with my sister who I know doesn’t have time to listen to… Continue Reading “Reactions: Overcoming Patterns”

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