Swimming Upstream

I pulled the Salmon Medicine Card this morning. I couldn't find the card reading to share with you this morning, but I did find another website with information on salmon medicine. My book club just read a book about a woman who was raised by a Native American and who was deeply steeped in their … Continue reading Swimming Upstream

Seeking Comfort: It’s Monday

In the January 22nd reading of Melody Beattie's Journey to the Heart, she provides a perspective on comfort. She keeps one of her favorite blankies in her Jeep. She doesn't use it to sleep with because she doesn't sleep outside, but she throws it in her vehicle to remind her of how important it is … Continue reading Seeking Comfort: It’s Monday

The Power of Gentleness

I chose a meditation this morning from my 10% Happier app that promised to provide focus. Sharon Salzberg was the teacher, and she promised to help me focus on the space between the breaths. I noticed my breathing was labored. I struggled with pausing between breaths. As soon as the exhale ended I was gasping … Continue reading The Power of Gentleness

Sundays in Saugatuck: Listening to Dragonfly

I thought I might head out for a hike today, but, alas, it is raining. So, for the third week in a row, I headed up to Saugatuck for my seat at Uncommon Coffee Roasters. The cushy chairs were waiting for me. I plopped my stuff down and ordered my mocha in a real coffee … Continue reading Sundays in Saugatuck: Listening to Dragonfly

Randomness: Be Unforgettable

They say that memories are burned into your brain in direct correlation with the intensity of the emotions you felt at the time. If an event happens that doesn't affect you at all emotionally, there is little chance you will remember it in much detail. If you are abused or afraid or intensely angry or … Continue reading Randomness: Be Unforgettable

Randomness: Feelings

When I was going through my second divorce and all of the grief of my life was cascading over me in a relentless torrent of pain, it was all I could do to get through the day at work without falling apart. When I think of hard things, I think of those days. Because I … Continue reading Randomness: Feelings

Celebrating the Decade of Me

Today is a celebration. Today is the 10 year anniversary of me learning to say "when" in a committed, pronounced, impactful way. I won't get into the details since the story doesn't matter, ┬ábut suffice it to say that what I did ushered in the best decade of my life. In fact, I'd say it's … Continue reading Celebrating the Decade of Me

Channeling My Inner Icelander: Longings

I spent another day yesterday riding the sugar roller coaster. "Just stop eating it," you say. "It's bad for me," I say. "It's poison," say the books that proclaim sugar as the downfall of our health as a country. "It's an addiction," say the psychologists and substance abuse counselors. "It keeps you company when you … Continue reading Channeling My Inner Icelander: Longings

Day 1: Freedom

  So, yesterday was my first full day without Facebook. I took a break for several months years ago, but this was the first time in awhile that I didn't check posts, post my thoughts or spend time scrolling through a news feed. It felt really good, actually. I do miss my Virtual Boot Camp … Continue reading Day 1: Freedom

“Welcome Aboard,” The Conductor Said

Some of my friends do not understand why I would ever come live in a place with a northern winter. I get a lot of flack from them when I post pics of this beautiful Michigan season on Facebook. I'm sitting here looking out my window at the snowy scene at the first glimpse of … Continue reading “Welcome Aboard,” The Conductor Said