I Work(ed) in a Zoo

Today's daily prompt is zoo. I worked in a zoo. No, I mean I really worked in a zoo. Some of my workplaces feel like a zoo, but I actually worked in a real, live zoo in Knoxville. I was a birdkeeper, and I actually really liked the job. In many ways dealing with the … Continue reading I Work(ed) in a Zoo

The Underdog: Base Layers of Merino Wool

The Daily Prompt today is underdog. For some weird reason, the only thing I can wrap my mind around is underwear. Is there an underdog of underwear? Honestly, my base layer I wear when I'm running is sort of like the underdog of my wardrobe. It may not get the audience or attention that my … Continue reading The Underdog: Base Layers of Merino Wool

Tales from the Zoo

When I was in my late 20s, I was married to a sportswriter in Knoxville TN. I wanted to work a job where I worked on weekends to try to match his schedule. I had begun volunteering at the Knoxville Zoo in my spare time, and I was really enjoying the work and the people. … Continue reading Tales from the Zoo