Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends

My gay boyfriend Michael and my running coach Jessica somehow managed to move 15 minutes away from each other in Tulsa. They both lived in Memphis at one time but have never met. Between the three of us, we've moved 8 times since we lived in Midtown Memphis. When a Thanksgiving invitation came around, I … Continue reading Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends

Chicago From a Window Seat

A man on the streetcorner amplifies his voice through a bullhorn. "Jesus loves you," he screams to no one in particular. A taxi horn toot-toots. Shoppers swarm across the bridge wearing dark coats, bright hats and multi-colored gloves as if it's a uniform. The wound on my back throbs. I should have bandaged it I … Continue reading Chicago From a Window Seat

The Shift of Light

I woke up about 5. I was rested because I had read and gone to bed early. Ashok  snoozed quietly, and the light of the moon illumiated the meadow. The stars twinkled softly in the dark sky. Wow. I am most certainly in heaven. I started to roll over, but had a fleeting fear course through … Continue reading The Shift of Light


What a glorious day my higher power hath made! What am I grateful for? I spent the day with Nancy who traveled with me through relapse, recovery, divorce and rebirth. She's one of those easy friends who totally gets my story and loves me through it. I am grateful for love in all kinds of … Continue reading Gratitude

A Chicago Dream

"If you quit drinking so much water, do you think you wouldn't 'go' as much?" she yelled in the quiet restaurant. "What?", he snapped back. "If you didn't drink so much water, do you think you would 'go' so much?" Chicago speaks loudly but in a warm, humorous way.  The people are not as rude … Continue reading A Chicago Dream

Sunday Night Check-In: Winter Fest

  When I lived up here last time, I don't remember doing much in the wintertime. My ex was a wuss when it came to cold weather, and he thought winter was made for waiting for spring b*tching about the weather. I didn't know any different. As a southerner, you hunker down and drip your … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Winter Fest

On a Cold Day in Chicago: We Run

I packed my running clothes for the trip to Chicago. The last time I was here, I had a blast running downtown Michigan Avenue. The forecast was cold, but it's almost never TOO COLD. I just have to dress for it. Last night I looked at the forecasted temps with wind chills below zero. Hmmmm … Continue reading On a Cold Day in Chicago: We Run

Holiday Mingling at the Monaco

I was supposed to check out today and go home so I could put new tires on my car tomorrow. I should be packing up and making arrangements to get my car and skedaddle back to Michigan. Yesterday was such a fun day. I walked Ashok before it started snowing and settled in the lobby … Continue reading Holiday Mingling at the Monaco

It’s the Degree of Enjoyment That Matters

    My sister texted me: It's snowing! WTF? In Louisiana? I looked out my window, and we had nothing. Not a flake was stirring. I pulled up the Weather Channel, and, sure enough, it was snowing in Cottonport and Baton Rouge. And I guess the whole south ended up with some degree of the … Continue reading It’s the Degree of Enjoyment That Matters

Detours to Memphis

When I lived in Memphis, one of my favorite weekend getaways was St. Louis. The old Italian area is called The Hill, and I spent many a weekend grocery shopping at the old-time Italian supermarkets and delis, eating cannoli and drinking dark, smoky coffee at coffee shops and eating plate loads of pasta at some … Continue reading Detours to Memphis