It’s the Degree of Enjoyment That Matters

    My sister texted me: It's snowing! WTF? In Louisiana? I looked out my window, and we had nothing. Not a flake was stirring. I pulled up the Weather Channel, and, sure enough, it was snowing in Cottonport and Baton Rouge. And I guess the whole south ended up with some degree of the … Continue reading It’s the Degree of Enjoyment That Matters

Homeward Bound

  It's finally here!! I'm making my first journey¬†home from St. Joe. I booked my flight awhile back. You know I'm not going to Baton Rouge after it gets too hot, and with this warm winter, that's next week. So I found a cheap flight from O'Hare to New Orleans, and the day has finally … Continue reading Homeward Bound

Day 2: A Little Bit Unexpected

  So, today I was pleasantly surprised that I felt more connected to people than ever - no Facebook needed. I got emails from several friends, texts from others and have even gained a couple of new blog followers from Instagram. One even sent me an email to tell me her story. It seems that … Continue reading Day 2: A Little Bit Unexpected

Shared Treasures and Beautiful Things

I'm settling in to my little cozy house and am starting to make it my own. I took down the broken wooden blinds that covered up my beautiful double-hung windows and let the sun shine in. I'm starting to take up the carpet off my hardwood floors even though it's a lot harder than I … Continue reading Shared Treasures and Beautiful Things

Please Step Into the Door

"Please step into the door," the automated voice in the revolving door says to me every morning when I walk into the offices at Whirlpool. It has become the cue¬†for me to be present and shift gears into work mode. The movers came Tuesday, and I began the physically and emotionally challenging journey of making … Continue reading Please Step Into the Door

What Dreams May Come…. Moving Day

I dreamed last night about moving into my new house today. Except you know how dreams are. My dream offered up a couple of twists. I bought one house, but I had the choice of two. The first choice was on Lake Michigan. It was a ranch-style house built in the 60s that had never … Continue reading What Dreams May Come…. Moving Day

Whew … What a Week!

For a four-day workweek, this one was a killer. Yesterday was supposed to be my closing date, but it slipped, so now I close on the house Tuesday. I'm looking forward to getting settled in my new home with my animals and my belongings. The last month has felt more like six months, and I … Continue reading Whew … What a Week!

Life on the Farm: First Days in Michigan

I arrived on Sunday afternoon with my zoo and a month's worth of stuff. The little lake house where I'm staying exceeded my expectations. (A) It's not little so it has tons of room, and (B) the family welcomed me with open arms and lots of food. I had dinner with them Sunday night although … Continue reading Life on the Farm: First Days in Michigan

Sunday Night Check-In: Road Trip

I'll keep this short because I'm exhausted, and I need to get acclimated to this new time zone. Go to bed earlier, and get up earlier! Should be a piece of cake for me.   I'll just give you some brief highlights, and I'll feel in the blanks later..... Three days, over 900 miles, three … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: Road Trip

It’s Moving Day!!

After all of the preparations, and the interviewing and the job offer and the house hunting, it's finally moving day! There's no solid place to land yet in Michigan, but it's in progress. I just got the inspection report yesterday, and there are a few items of concern, but I've been told it'll work out. … Continue reading It’s Moving Day!!