The Sound of Winter

The Big Sable River The wind from the lake whips and wooshes around the corner of my house. Hurricanes from Louisiana days flash through my mind, but there is no pitter patter of raindrops. The squish squish of my boots squeak through the snow drowning out the silence of the snowfall. My heart beats with … Continue reading The Sound of Winter

It’s All Fake

"It's all fake," my friend Becky said when I told her I got off Facebook for good. Facebook felt fake. I know some of those "friends" in real life, and they aren't that damn happy. And how do these people in their 30s afford to travel all over the world when I'm lucky if I … Continue reading It’s All Fake

Challenges/Opportunities for Change in 2019

I'm not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. I'm always listening to my body and making changes based on the way I feel and trying to improve my life along the way. But I do like to take some time each year to decide what is working for me and finding ways to motivate … Continue reading Challenges/Opportunities for Change in 2019

I Miss the Snow

Here's a video of New Year's Eve last year. So sad we have no snow this year. #damnglobalwarming New Year’s Eve 2017

What If Santa Was a Shaman?

The New York Times featured a story this morning that was a compilation of short holiday videos. The first one sounded a little funky, so I clicked on it out of curiosity. Click below to watch it. We know that all of our holidays are some combination of folklore, paganism and religious storytelling. For … Continue reading What If Santa Was a Shaman?

A Different Kind of Holiday

We have no snow this year. It really doesn't seem like Christmas without the snow, but I guess we don't have any control over that. On the other hand, it hasn't been all that cold so it's been easy to walk around Chicago without freezing to death. This morning, I walked down Rush Street to … Continue reading A Different Kind of Holiday

Our Desperation to be Numb

I stopped at a coffee shop on the way to Chicago, and the tables were full of young entrepreneurs discussing their aspiring business options in the marijuana industry. They didn't hitch their wagons to the craft beer industry that has taken off so well in Michigan so now there's a new way to tap into … Continue reading Our Desperation to be Numb

The Cracked Loaf

The events going on in the country have been weighing on me, and, specifically, I'm grieving the effects of climate change on our natural world. I struggle to know what's true and what's hype. I feel guilty for buying plastic, I feel helpless to make a difference just by recycling, and I feel hopeless for … Continue reading The Cracked Loaf

Cafe Con Leche

"What is Cafe con Leche?" I asked the barista at Cafe Cubana in Tulsa. "It has shots of espresso, steamed milk and sweetened condensed milk in the bottom of the cup," she said. "You had me at sweetened condensed milk," I answered. "Give me a big one." The big one has 4 shots of espresso. … Continue reading Cafe Con Leche

Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends

My gay boyfriend Michael and my running coach Jessica somehow managed to move 15 minutes away from each other in Tulsa. They both lived in Memphis at one time but have never met. Between the three of us, we've moved 8 times since we lived in Midtown Memphis. When a Thanksgiving invitation came around, I … Continue reading Thanksgiving Journey: Italian Delicacies, Peacocks and Friends