Transforming Fear – Hindsight in Advance

In my struggles with anxiety, I've found a few tools that really work for me. Exercise helps keep it at bay. If I'm in the midst of an anxiety-filled time, I meditate or do a Yoga Nidra practice. Cutting back on sugar and caffeine helps, too. Getting connected with others is critical. But, there is … Continue reading Transforming Fear – Hindsight in Advance

Living Series: Listening to Your Internal Compass

The August 30 reading in Melody Beattie's Journey to the Heart is about listening to what I want. She asks a series of questions: What do you want? What would feel good to you? What energizes you? Which friends feel good to be around? What work excites you, infuses you with passion? Which hobbies interest … Continue reading Living Series: Listening to Your Internal Compass

Living Series: Cultivating Curiosity

An article in the August issue of Psychology Today caught my eye this morning. The title What Happy People Do Differently grabbed my attention, but I was really intrigued by the tag line which read #1 They Seek Risk, Not Reward. I consider myself a risk-taker, but I haven't always been that way. My battle with … Continue reading Living Series: Cultivating Curiosity

Living Series: Divine Guidance and Agency

My cousin Bonni is the one that is responsible for this mess I'm in. When I first started writing this blog in August of last year, she said that she thought something big was going to come of this. In my imagination, I hoped that I would become this great writer and make lots of … Continue reading Living Series: Divine Guidance and Agency

Living: Finding My Sweet Spot

I had a discussion with my boss yesterday regarding the Manager's Guide I'm writing at work. It has been a process writing this thing. It has evolved several times into something different, and it's one of those projects that seems to get bigger the longer I work on it. It's really important to him, so … Continue reading Living: Finding My Sweet Spot

Living: Connecting with Those That Serve

I'm still reading Brene' Brown's book Daring Greatly. I love blogging about it because I imbed the contents in my brain. What's the best way to learn something? Teach it. I know that from work. So, in writing about what I've learned and trying to "teach" it in this blog, I'm really learning it. I read something … Continue reading Living: Connecting with Those That Serve

Living: Daring Greatly….The Vulnerability Myth

As part of my Living series, I'm going to do a book study with myself and you, whomever you are that's interested. Dr. Brene' Brown has a new book out called Daring Greatly. It's about her work with vulnerability and shame. I'll read some of it each week and share my thoughts and insights from … Continue reading Living: Daring Greatly….The Vulnerability Myth

Living: Flirting With That Line….Escapism

A friend of mine texted me and suggested I write a blog about the song Dream Weaver. I looked up the lyrics, and it just sounded like somebody that wanted to go to sleep and forget the day's drama. So, I thought there might be some cultural interpretation that I was missing. I looked it … Continue reading Living: Flirting With That Line….Escapism

Living: Life is Short….”Take Care of Me”

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with Severe Reactive Hypoglycemia. I went to the doctor because I had a terrifying episode where I got really disoriented when I was walking my dog. I couldn't find my way home, and I didn't recognize any of the street signs. My vision was blurred, and I … Continue reading Living: Life is Short….”Take Care of Me”

Living: Step Into the Flow

In my first blog, I wrote that my goal in writing this blog was to share my journey to create a different life for myself in the hopes that you might find some things helpful to your journey. Along the way, I can't tell you how many of my acquaintances have shared similar stories and … Continue reading Living: Step Into the Flow