Resistance is the Teacher

    The Sunday night before I started my PMP (Project Management Professional) class, the instructor sent out an email on what to bring to class and some links for additional study. In that email, he said we would be doing algebra and provided a link to Kahn Academy's algebra lessons. "Algebra??" I said aloud … Continue reading Resistance is the Teacher

Working Plan B

I had lunch with my childhood pal Lori today. This morning she texted me to confirm the time, and she sent me the below pic with the caption "Celebrating all things Sharon today!" Pop-tarts with butter is my favorite comfort food breakfast, and Lori and her Mom were the ones who primed the pump on my … Continue reading Working Plan B

The Quest for Benton Harbor

In October of 1993, I needed a job. I was married to a sports columnist whose travel schedule was crazy, and I needed a job with flexible hours or we never saw each other. Whirlpool Corporation opened a customer service call center on Peters Road in West Knoxville. The center was 24 hours, and I … Continue reading The Quest for Benton Harbor

“You Can Fly,” He Said. – Analogies

I pulled the Eagle card this morning. I've never pulled this card before. I was anxious to find out its meaning. If you have pulled this symbol, Eagle is reminding you to take heart and gather your courage for the universe is presenting you with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your … Continue reading “You Can Fly,” He Said. – Analogies

“You Already Have the Key,” She Said.

I started applying for some jobs online the last few days. The only thing I hate more than this is online dating. In fact, in many ways they are the same. Job descriptions and online profiles rarely paint an accurate picture of what you're getting. Both are usually a vague and boldly optimistic fantasy of what the … Continue reading “You Already Have the Key,” She Said.

Sunday Night Check-In: A Different Rhythm

"It's Friday!!" a friend of mine posted on Twitter on Friday. Hmmmm ... everyday is Saturday at the moment. When I started doing Sunday Night Check-Ins, it was a blog to mark the end of the weekend and the final countdown to the work week. But since tomorrow will have the same rhythm as today, … Continue reading Sunday Night Check-In: A Different Rhythm


  Last Thursday I went into Asheville to visit my friend Lynn. She cut my hair, and we had planned to go out to dinner. We had a blast. It was a great day, and we both taught each other things about styling curly hair. She wanted to take some after pics for her Instagram … Continue reading Shattered

Sharon Moves Into Her Office

A few months ago I got really clear about what I wanted in my professional life. Integration was my goal. I no longer wanted to compartmentalize my personal and professional lives. My mantra evolved into "My personal and professional selves are integrated." As I look back now, this desire has been percolating for a long time and has … Continue reading Sharon Moves Into Her Office

Exploring the Future… Through the Lens of the Past

I've started an exciting exploration this week. I'm going through a process to look at my career through the lens of my personality and my interests. It's fun because I'm not necessarily doing anything right now. I'm just sticking my hand in the cookie jar and seeing what comes up. I knew that people with … Continue reading Exploring the Future… Through the Lens of the Past

What’s the Matter with Young People?? Or What’s Wrong with Us Geezers?

The other day at work, a couple of co-workers were having a discussion about young people these days. We are securing the licensing to use a gaming-type learning activity on managing a budget. It will be available free of charge to all community and technical college students in the state. It's really cool. The player … Continue reading What’s the Matter with Young People?? Or What’s Wrong with Us Geezers?