Music: My Drug of Choice

The “stage” at Memphis House Concerts

Memphis is a musical town. I didn’t take advantage of that until the last few years. I didn’t even know how much I loved music until I started exploring some of the music venues in Memphis. I mean, I’m well aware of the role music plays in my life. All I have to do is hear a song from my high school years, and I’m transported back to that time. It’s pretty magical.

The first time I realized that live music really transported me to a different dimension was my first visit to a venue called Memphis House Concerts. This is actually my neighbor’s house. I literally walk 5 doors down on my street, and I’m on their front porch. Jimbo and Susan bring in some amazing talent to sing in their imperfect Midtown living room. Somewhere between 20-50 people show up once a month or so to hear artists from around the country. Light appetizers and Ghost River Beer are on tap for a beer donation. We all hang out in the kitchen and mingle with the artist(s). They have a suggested $20 donation that goes directly to the artist. It’s the best deal in town.

My friend Davina and I on the front porch at Memphis House Concerts

I love the connection between the audience, the musicians and the hosts. I’ve realized that music, for me, is about experiencing another person’s expression of themselves and the experience of the moment that can never happen again. It’s very intimate for me. I don’t use anything chemically to alter my mood anymore, but music totally changes the way I feel. I find myself transfixed watching and listening to an artist that really speaks to my soul. It blows me away.

I saw one of my favorite local musicians in a bar. I was stunned that most of the crowd was drinking and talking and basically not even listening to this fabulous music that was being played before them. Another favorite venue of mine is a coffeehouse in Midtown called Otherlands.  I can also walk to Otherlands. Both of these places are smoke-free and the music ends at a decent hour. I know there are others like this in Memphis. If you know where they are, please invite me to join you.

My favorite threesome…Dan Montgomery, Robert and Candace Mache at Otherlands

The musicians that play at both of these places are mainly singer-songwriters. That’s what really gets me hooked. As a writer, I know that your words are the vehicle that your soul uses to speak. And, I imagine musicians have a double vehicle with the music they play as well. To experience someone telling their own story is such a powerful experience. I crave it. I am hooked by it. It’s definitely my drug of choice.

I believe we are wired for connection. Not everyone can or is willing to share themselves in an intimate way,  but listening to live music up close and personal is a non-threatening way to accomplish it. When God created us, I believe He wanted us to connect at a soul level, and we were built to crave that connection. Music speaks to me. What speaks to you in this way?

Listen to one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Dan Montgomery, recorded at Otherlands:
My Favorite Color

Southern Lunchtime Comfort: Pimiento Cheese

I love living in the South. There are so many thing Southern that are comforting to me. Southern foods top the list, and at the top of that list is pimiento cheese. Recently, I met a woman who just moved here from Colorado. “What’s in pimiento cheese?” she asked. Duh — pimientos and cheese!! Well, of course there’s some mayo to hold it together, but it’s basically pimientos and cheese.

In recent years, pimiento cheese has become more creative. Chipotle, jalapeños, pecans and even dried fruit are added to make it special. I like those newer versions but I’m still a fan of the simple original. It’s cheap food, relatively speaking, and it goes well by itself on two slices of bread. It’s easy to bring for lunch. Just add some veggies on the side for a great meal.

I didn’t realize pimiento cheese was a Southern Food until I moved away. You just don’t see it up north. Of course, I never did find much good comfort food up north except Chicago pizza and cannolis from the North End in Boston. And, I remember the evening I brought a bucket of fried chicken to a sunset picnic on the shore of Lake Michigan with my ex and his son, Ryan. They laughed at the fact that fried chicken would be considered picnic food. What?? Every time we drove more than 30 minutes down the road, my Mawmaw fried a chicken. Those yanks just don’t get southern food. I definitely don’t think they would have appreciated pimiento cheese.

I eat my pimiento cheese on whole grains now. I was raised on white bread and pimiento cheese, but I just don’t stock it anymore. My favorite pimiento cheese in Memphis is from Whole Foods. It’s light on mayo and heavy on great cheese. I cringe every time I pay $5.00 for it, but I love it. Lucchesi’s has a good specialty one. I’m not sure what it has in it, but I try to get it every now and then when I’m out that way.

Lots of restaurants add pimiento cheese to burgers. I mean, it’s cheese and mayo, that’s sort of a no-brainer to add to a burger. At home, I’ll make a pimiento cheese grilled cheese sandwich. I love it with a bowl of tomato soup. It’s easy to make pimiento cheese at home, but I’ve just never gotten the right mix down, so I just buy it from somewhere I like. One of these days, I’ll get it right.

I think the thing I really like the most about pimiento cheese has been its history in my life and it’s place in my best memories. It wouldn’t be a Southern wedding if there were no pimiento cheese sandwiches. Somebody always makes pimiento cheese sandwiches for the meal following funerals. And, one of my favorite memories of my first mother in law was sitting down with her to eat her homemade pimento cheese sandwiches at her kitchen table in Clinton LA. It was a daily event when we visited.

So, what’s in pimiento cheese? I may have answered my friend too abruptly. It’s a mixture of tradition, memories and Southern flair with a touch of cheese and pimientos. I think I’ll go make a sandwich. All of a sudden I have a hankering for pimiento cheese.


Southern Living’s Take on Pimiento Cheese


Girl Talk: The War on Our Bodies

When I first saw this picture, it really bothered me that you could see my facial wrinkles. I decided to embrace the smile. I was happy.

There cannot be a Girl Talk Series without talking about body image, so let’s just get it over with. I’m 51 years old, and I still have teenage girl feelings about my body. The problem is that, as a teenager, I had much less to battle. I was 115 pounds, no wrinkles and had breasts that teenage boys seemed to like. Now, I’ve got body parts moving south, weight that just sometimes seems totally unrelated to what I eat, a face that’s starting to wrinkle up and dry out. The fact is, it’s just natural, but it’s so hard to cut myself a break.

I’m actually a great deal more accepting of my body now than I was when I was a teen. I had a high school boyfriend that always told me I was fat. It was not until about 10 years ago that I did the math and realized I was 115 pounds. What a jerk! I’ve learned through the years that the body I have in that moment will be the body I wish I had 10 years later. In hindsight, I look so much skinnier. It’s helped me enjoy photographs and cut myself some slack.

I’d say the biggest perfectionistic issue I’ve had over the years has been in regards to my weight. No matter what age or size I am, my weight is never right. Women say to me, “oh, good grief, you don’t have a weight problem.” I get what they are talking about, but the problem isn’t weight, it’s perfectionism. So, it really doesn’t matter how “big” the weight problem is…it has nothing to do with the scale. I talked with a very thin woman the other day whose daughter has struggled with eating disorders. She knows about body image issues and the pain it brings. For her, it becomes an issue that makes her feel different than other women because they think she doesn’t understand. Perfectionism is about the fear that I am not okay. I am not lovable. I am not desirable. I am not good enough.

Dove did an ad campaign several years ago where they featured real size women in their ads. I was stoked about it, so I went to their website. The pictures were awesome. It was the comments that disturbed me. Other women were ranting and raving about how horrible these women looked. They were saying brutal things about these real women that put themselves out there for the world to see. It made me sick.

I can blame the media and the culture all I want for poor images of women, and, don’t get me wrong, I hate it. The truth is that I have to do the work myself to get beyond that. Firstly, because the media and the culture are not going to change in my lifetime. That would be a losing battle. The most important thing is that I learn to be who I am without regard to what others think, and I HAVE to deal with my perfectionism. If the weight gets in order, it will crop up in another area. That’s the root cause.

Recently, I went to a large event with a girlfriend of mine where there were lots of men and scantily clad women of all shapes and sizes. We ended up leaving fairly quickly because it was just not all that fun. Our conversation went something like this later on.

Her: The whole time I was thinking that none of those men are interested in me. When I passed a window, I looked at my stomach and thought, “yeah, I can never suck that in.” I was thinking that I was smaller than a lot of those heavy women there, but I definitely felt like part of that group.

Me: Really?? You want to know what I was thinking? I was thinking that I looked really old, and none of those guys were interested in me. I was thinking that it was stupid to wear those yoga pants because they are too tight and my ass looks huge. I was also worried about this bulge on my upper thigh that I know just stands out and looks hideous. Well, hell’s bells– no wonder we left early!!

That was miserable for both of us.

I was in my 20s here. I distinctly remember obsessing over how fat my stomach looked in this swimsuit. Imagine my shock when I found it a few weeks ago!

I was taking a bath one night when i was about 45, and I had an experience I will never forget. I looked down at my body. I mean, I REALLY noticed my body. For some reason, at that moment, I realized how unkind I had been to my body. I had starved it, abused it with excessive exercise, said unsupportive things about it and, quite frankly, despised it. I started to cry. And I just began to feel so much compassion for myself. It was then that I started a practice to consciously be grateful for the things my body has miraculously done. It took the brunt of my addictions and got me through them. It has been a vehicle for me to live this really amazing life. It has healed itself when I was injured, been an instrument of love and great passion with the men I’ve loved, and has been with me through all of the moments of my life, good and bad….and has demanded very little. Nothing or no one in my life has ever been so supportive and forgiving and amazing as my own body.

At this stage in my life, I have become very conscious of the aging process. Aging is hard on the body. It starts to show its wear and tear. The problem is that we can spend a mountain of money to slow the impacts a bit. But, is it worth it? It’s still going to happen. We can slow it, but we can’t stop it, and do I really need to start hating my body again and wanting to change it? Or, is it a matter of just trying to look the best I can at any age? The jury is still out on this one. The perfectionism battle rages on. Til’ death do us part…..

Jamie Lee Curtis has long been a supporter of healthy body image and has put herself out there to make the point. Read this article from More magazine about some of her efforts.

Living: Making Space

When I got to that place in my life where I was sitting in the shambles of what I had created, I felt really defeated. What a mess! It was all a shambles, and I had created it. The woman that told me that I could create something different gave me those words to live by. And, I set out to do that.

I’ve done a lot of things to put my life back on track. And, I promised in my first blog that I wanted to share that with others so that we can all have better lives. I’d like to set aside Friday to blog about things that give life, great fun things to do, great music, whatever I feel like sharing that’s inspiring and joyful. If I do this on every Friday, by the end of the year, we will have 52 things that we can use to make our lives better, happier, more fun, more fulfilling, or whatever else we decide we want them to be. This is my blog space, but I also want to invite you into this space. Ask me questions, share with each other, tell me I’m crazy (I’ve certainly heard that before), but talk to me. That’s what blogging is all about for me. I’m still building community. Somewhere out there in internet land, there are people on the same journey as I am, and I want to know you.

When I decided I needed to change my life, I had to create a sort of map to get where I wanted to go. I don’t think I’ll ever “arrive”. My life always changes. Every January for the past two years, I’ve taken some time to think about my priorities for the past year and make some decisions on whether or not I want to keep those priorities. In 2012, I realized that one of my main priorities for the past 2 years was running. I ran lots of races, traveled to races and spent quite a bit of time on that hobby. But, I wanted a change. No reason, I just wanted something different for awhile. So, I decided to take the spring off from racing. I’d still run for fun, but I’d free up some time for other things I like to do. I went to Hawaii on a retreat. I couldn’t have done that if I’d still been traveling for races all over. It was a trade. I also do this anytime it seems like there’s no joy in my life anymore. There’s not always fun everyday but there should always be joy.

The real issue is that my time is limited. I used to work all the time. I had no life. That’s one reason I ended up where I did. I finally made the decision one day that I was going to go home at 5 PM everyday and just leave the stuff for the next day. I just made the decision and stuck to it. And, you know what? I got promoted- twice. I doubled my salary in 6 months. I have a really satisfying career, but I can still work too much. I have a very firm boundary on my work hours. I get kidded about it all the time. “Don’t get in Sharon’s way at 5 o’clock.” It doesn’t bother me anymore. I am who I am, and my life is very full. I don’t want to look back at my life and wish that I’d done it differently. We only have 70 or 80 years in this place. The clock is ticking.

A real issue I had was that I didn’t know how to set boundaries. I couldn’t set boundaries on myself or on other people. My 5 PM departure time was a boundary I had to set with myself. Unless there is a really important reason to stay and work (and sometimes there is), I need to go home. It was not easy at first nor is it easy when people kid me about it because I want to be liked. I want to be respected. I want to fit in. But, sometimes, I have to set priorities. And, I can’t please everybody else. I have had numerous Senior Leaders come to me in private and tell me how much they admired the fact that I got out of there at a reasonable hour. I am actually MORE respected because I respect myself.

Below are some really good books I read to learn about boundaries. I had to practice. I had to have support from people to stick with my boundaries. I often have “after-burn” when I set boundaries. I feel guilty for saying no. I question myself. But, I have friends in my corner who assure me that the boundary was appropriate, and that I can make my own choices with my life.

Boundaries are critical. If I can’t set boundaries, I will never move forward in my life. I’m not exaggerating. There will always be other people or other causes that need my time and energy. The world is an incessantly needy place. I have to take charge of my time. And, it’s not easy.

Just to let you know, my boundary around writing is that I will publish Monday – Friday. Have a great weekend….

The Balding of the Beaver

Dating has changed a lot in the past 30 or so years. I dated between my two marriages in the late 90s, but the culture has changed since then, too. I met my second husband in a classified ad in the newspaper. A lot of people frown on that, but you still have to do all the same legwork. It’s just a way to meet somebody. In the past two years, I’ve been doing a lot of online dating. It’s the way to go if you want to meet people especially if you haven’t lived in the town forever. And, I’m really busy.

I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I haven’t had many relationships from it. Some of them weren’t attracted to me. I wasn’t attracted to some of them. Many of them have become friends but not romantic partners. Suffice it to say that there have only been one or two that I was willing to invest some time with to see if we might be compatible. One of them, and I’ll call him Greg, was a really cool guy. He was into the outdoors like me. He loved hunting and fishing. He had an upbeat outlook and loved to laugh. We just really hit it off. One of the things I really liked was he was as busy as I was. We practically had to have a secretary to find time to be together, but we did. As things progressed a bit, I started to think that it was time to take it to the next level. And, as this culture does now, we started texting about our upcoming “opportunity”.

Greg: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure
Greg: I like my woman with little or no body hair if I may be so bold. I’m just askin’.

Well….I didn’t know what to say. He’s asking me to shave…or wax..totally?? The last time I had sex with somebody was when I was with my ex, and he was perfectly fine with my body hair. (And, if you don’t get it, we’re talking about pubic hair here.) The topic was just not something that had ever been brought up to me before, and I naively never knew that anybody did anything different with pubic hair than just clean it up a bit for a happy event such as this.

Well, then I got a little irritated. First of all, “my woman”. Really???? He’s certainly not talking about me. I haven’t been with him yet. So, he’s ordering me up like he “likes his steak medium rare.” It just didn’t sit right with me. The only thing I could rationalize was that this guy was used to having women the way he wanted them when he wanted them. Pornography..…So, I called him. I know he was so excited to hear from me; we were already having a “talk”. “How much porn do you use?,” I asked. Well, he started blubbering, “WHAT??….not much…some…well, when my friends email it to me.” He’d had this conversation before. He went on to tell me that his ex had put a moratorium on porn in the house, so he subscribed to Playboy to spite her. Hmmmmmm…..I had to really think about this. This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was used to men who were just so damn happy to have me in their bed that they wouldn’t have cared what I did with my pubic hair much less risk the opportunity of it happening by making a request like this.

So, I needed to do a little research. I mean, I could be naive. Maybe Momma didn’t teach me right about grooming my nether regions. I am a country gal. So, I called a friend of mine. She was stunned. She’d never heard of this either. So, she called her 20 year old daughter.

My Friend: Honey, when I tell you that I’m going to ask you a personal question, I mean it’s a really personal question.
Her daughter: What is it, Momma?
My friend: Do you have pubic hair?
Her daughter: No, Momma. It’s gross. Nobody does. Well, one girl does but everybody makes fun of her.

WOW!! When did this happen? A culture had shifted while I was in a married bedroom, and I had no idea. It’s not like women run around naked with each other when you’re adults. And, well, you just don’t really have a need to discuss your pubic hair. And neither one of my husbands was into porn, so all they really saw was me. I called one of my best friends. She had been married for 20 something years and had started dating again after a divorce. I knew she was sexually active so maybe she could tell me what I should do. When I told her what happened, she said the same thing happened to her. Well, the guy told her AFTER they had sex the first time. She was mortified. That’s what she said…mortified. Is that how you should feel after sex? She felt like he thought she was disgusting and dirty.

Dating Tips for Guys:

  1. Do not text this request to a woman you have not seen naked.
  2. In the afterglow of a first sexual encounter with a woman you like, do not spoil the moment by asking her to shave her pubic hair.

They are both DEAD END MOVES.

She got a Brazilian Wax to see what it was like. She took the choice to continue doing it because she liked it. But, she never saw him again.

Well, this was all very interesting. So, I talked with a male friend of a friend on Facebook about my latest discovery. He said that most of the women our age don’t shave or wax except for just “grooming”. Some of the younger women do the full Brazilian Wax on a regular basis. He liked it, but he said he also feels a little funny about liking it. The pedophilia image gets in the way for him. In the end, he prefers a nicely groomed pubic area but he doesn’t request it up front.

One of my friends is a psychology major, and she said that they studied this cultural shift in their gender issues class. There is a whole generation of men and women running around without pubic hair. This generation was raised in an era where pornography was readily available on the internet. So, whatever the porn industry published became a norm. It certainly doesn’t mean there is anything pornographic about it, it’s just the way it came about. I remember when I grew up, and Playboy was all about the full “bush”. It’s just a change in the culture. It’s so popular that, in some areas, there are shops called The Pretty Kitty that do just waxing. And, this isn’t just the norm for women, most younger men are hair free as well. I certainly don’t get that; I sort of like a man with hair. It just seems …..well….manly.

The irony is that its supposed to be more hygienic, but in my research, the medical field says its just the opposite. When you wax, the “ripped out” hair follicles create small wounds that are in an area that’s really not the most sanitary area on the body. And, a physician friend of mine treated a woman who had a Brazilian wax, and she was burned. When the wax was pulled off, it pulled the skin off. It was a very serious injury. I don’t imagine she’ll be getting another one.

So, let’s get back to my story. I eventually decided to try out my options before deciding what I’d do with this little fashion dilemma. I mean, I’m an adventurous woman. And, I won’t tell you what I settled on because that’s not internet material for this girl. But, I can tell you that I told this guy that he was not a candidate for me. I told him that at a time when I should be excited about having sex with someone I really liked, I was losing sleep over what to do with my pubic hair. It just really spoiled the mood. Sure, he gave me a choice, but would I really want to get vulnerable with someone when I already knew they didn’t like something about me? Or, worse yet, do I want to start changing myself for a man before he’s even had a chance to experience me?

What I’ve really decided is it’s a personal choice. There are pros and cons for both “styles”. But, men, if you care more about how I fashion my pubic hair than you do about respecting me and my choices, we’re not a good match. Besides, isn’t there some mystery about what a woman looks like under all those clothes? Are you really that scared of what you will find that you have to spoil it? Or worse yet, hurt her. There are some women who just don’t know. Send them a link to this blog. 🙂

If you want to know more, here’s a great article about this cultural shift in “the Atlantic”.

The New Full-Frontal: Has Pubic Hair Gone Extinct in America?


Me and my first husband, John

I am divorced. I’m actually divorced twice. But, a divorce of any number sucks. I know why God hates divorce. It’s not that he wants us to suffer in an unhealthy marriage, it’s just that divorce is horribly, wretchedly painful. No matter how you slice it, if it can be worked out, it’s better than this alternative. But, sometimes it can’t.

Me and my second husband, Rick

Now, I am truly happy with my life. Don’t get me wrong. But that has come as a result of a lot of grieving and adjustment. And there are still days – rare – that I wish it hadn’t ended this way. I often get really mad about it when I have to carry a 40 lb bag of kitty litter into the house. That’s what HE was supposed to do. I also get angry (which is almost always a coverup for sadness or hurt, by the way) when I get rejected by someone I’m dating. I shouldn’t be back dating again. That was not Plan A.

The worst part of the aftermath of divorce is the guilt. If you are new to this game, the guilt never really goes away. It lessens. But, it’s always there. The other day, someone posted a picture of an elderly couple on Facebook. The caption was something like: “How did you make it 65 years? Answer: We lived in a time when something was broken, you fixed it. You didn’t throw it away.” Really? Do you really think that divorced people just thought it would be easier to quit? Only a person that has never been divorced would think that. They have no idea how horribly painful the choice of divorce really is. I do.

The divorce process itself is painful. Both of mine were relatively simple legally. We had no kids. I basically took the toys I brought and went home. But, it was still painful. It really is a ripping away. It rips away the family that you learned to love as part of your own. It rips away the dreams and plans for the future. It rips away the person that knows more about you than anyone else in the world. It just leaves a gaping hole in your life. I cannot even fathom how parents feel when they are divorced. I, at least, don’t have to see my exes after it is done. Even with that, it took me about 3 years after each divorce before I felt like it was really over. Not everybody takes that long, but that’s what it takes for me. I’ve read that the average recovery time is 2-3 years.

When my friends are going through a divorce, I feel honored to listen to their story. I know that when you are going through it, you have to tell your side of the story a million times. You don’t come to the decision to divorce because you were great at resolving conflict. It was such a gift when someone really listened and empathized with me. Later, I could look at both sides more realistically and see my part in the problems. But, that was long after the hurt and anger died down. So, when someone I care for goes on and on about their ex-spouse and how badly they were treated, I listen. And, I empathize. I validate their feelings. And, I give them the dignity to move through the very ugly and painful part of the grieving process that is ANGER. It is normal, and if you don’t process the anger, you will never get through the rest of the grieving process. When I do this for my friends (and sometimes strangers), I see it as giving back what I was given in a really tangible way.

I have a rule that I don’t date anybody that’s less than a year from their final divorce date. They are crazy, insane, mixed up and scared. I made that mistake once. And, I made this rule because I know that I’m insane when I’m going through a divorce. And, the weird thing is, I don’t feel insane at the time. So, I just don’t trust post divorce feelings, promises or desires. I have men that argue with me about it all the time. I’m over her…. I never really loved her….it was just the final legal paperwork, it was over years ago….blah…blah…blah…It’s not about you, baby. It’s about me and what I can tolerate.

As scary and painful as divorce is, it happens to a lot of us. So, we cope. I went through Divorce Recovery, twice. I hired a counselor. Many times, I paid that counselor to listen to me while I cried just to have a man validate the feelings I felt. It was worth every dime. I took a 2 year break from dating. In fact, I wasn’t even friends with any man that wasn’t gay during that two years. I took care of myself, walked my spiritual path, learned to exercise, surrounded myself with friends, did comforting things for myself, got massages, ate right and just did things that gave life to me. I rebuilt my life in a way that was supportive of who I am. Oh yeah….I cried a lot. I take that back, I sobbed. I cried so much for the first year that I could have floated my kayak on my tears. And, then, slowly, I stopped crying and started living. What was ripped apart was finally mended, stronger and with scars, to be sure. And now, when someone says they are going through a divorce, my heart softens for them because I’ve been there. And, if they will let me, I give them a really big hug.

Open Your Heart


I’m a big fan of Melody Beattie’s books and work on codependency. Her work really speaks to me. Today’s reading in her book, Journey to the Heart, was on opening your heart.

Part of my reason for starting this blog was my need to practice being vulnerable and letting the world see the good and bad, as I see it in myself. To be sure, my writing is definitely censored to some extent, but I’m trying to lay myself open because I hope to grow from it, and I hope to inspire others to be themselves.

A great deal of my life has been about being whoever or whatever the proverbial “you” wants me to be. I’ve been chasing the “shoulds”. It has left me empty, and it’s frankly lonely in a fortress. So, I want to try something different. It may not be the answer…maybe writing about my life on the Internet is a little weird, but I’m willing to give it a try. I know I’ll learn something from it, and I’m no longer afraid of the experiences of my life. I’ve managed to survive and often thrive despite adverse events and chilling consequences.

Another person that has inspired me to open myself up is Brene Brown. She is a Shame Researcher. What a job! Her video on The Power of Vulnerability is profound. I have really found, through practice, that vulnerability is strength. And, my being vulnerable and real allows others to be strong and courageous as well. And, to be honest, relationships are just so much more fun when people are getting real with each other. Why would I want to play with someone behind a mask? I know you have demons and shortcomings and fears just like I do. Let’s not dance around it. We only go around once in this life. Do you really want to miss being truly known? I don’t. I’m jumping in. If you think I’m nuts, you may be right. Who cares?

Skinny Dipping or Swimming in the Sunshine


I don’t remember skinny dipping when I was young. All we had was the Amite River and Thunderbird Beach and neither was really clean enough or private enough to get nekkid, and, yes it’s nekkid. Naked is way too formal to be associated with an activity as lighthearted and fun as skinny dipping.

My second husband was my first skinny dipping partner. We were spending time at a rustic cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There was a lake out front, and there was nobody but us there. We took this little boat out on the water, and he wanted to go skinny dipping. I was a little nervous, but eventually I said, what the hell! It was awesome. I felt so free and like a kid again. It wasn’t just the coolness of the water against my skin, but it was also the rebelliousness of it all.

I’ve also skinny dipped when I’ve been out hiking and it’s really hot. I was hiking the Honey Creek trail in the Big South Fork Recreation Area a few years back, and it was brutally hot. That trail is really physically challenging so I was really tired. My ex and I walked up on this small pool, probably no larger than a large jacuzzi. I just said, “I’m going in,” and I stripped off and jumped in. It was freezing. It was similar to the ice baths I take to recover from log runs. I couldn’t stand to stay in it long, but I was totally revived afterwards.

I took my friend Elizabeth skinny dipping this weekend in Sylamore Creek. It was her first time. Now, it takes some courage to to strip down in front of somebody that you actually don’t see nekkid on a regular basis. Interestingly, we had a long conversation the night before about body image, and this seemed to be an appropriate way to validate that talk, at least for me.

It was absolutely beautiful out, it was in the morning, the temperature was perfect for swimming, and the water was perfectly cool. I had already jumped in earlier that morning with my dog when we were hiking, so I was getting a double dip. Pun intended.

There’s just something fun about sliding around in the water in your birthday suit, especially when you are in a beautiful place with somebody you love and you can be yourself. It’s really not about being nekkid at all other than the fact that you are. For me, it’s a about experiencing a feeling of being a child again and being naughty all at the same time.

I hope you’ll take an opportunity to try skinny dipping if you get to a place where your heart says, “let’s jump in.” It’s not just for the young. It’s for the young at heart, too. 😉

Girl Talk

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A fellow blogger, Jessica Sprenkel, who happened to be a really important supporter of my writing a blog, suggested that I come up with some regular topics that might keep readers coming back on certain days for certain topics. Another friend of mine, Elizabeth Shaffer, suggested I do one on Girl Talk. We just happened to spend an entire weekend camping, and, of course, there was lots of girl talk on that trip. It ran the gamut from talking about men, weight, food, recovery, family and on and on. Girls just love to talk. So, why not do a blog with you ladies as my audience?

So, on Mondays, tune in for Girl Talk. Now, you guys may want to read Girl Talk for the information it might bring and for its entertainment value, but just keep in mind that the audience is women. The other days of the week, you will be included as part of the audience. I’d love to hear from you, ladies, about what we might talk about in Girl Talk. I know dating is a big topic. It’s actually the topic that I’ve written about most on Facebook that people like to comment on. So, we’ll definitely chat about that. We’ll also chat about weight, self-esteem, men, makeup, clothes, accessories and food. What else do you want to chat about?

I’ll tell you that I used to have difficulty in relationships with women. After all, we were kind of in competition with each other, or so I thought. It was not until later in life that I realized that we were on the same side. And, in fact, I learned that, not only are we on the same side, but we just can’t navigate this world successfully without each other. What a relief that was to come clean with some women and find out that I’m not the only one who has body image issues, crazy thoughts and fears about the future, and fears about never being lovable.

What I love about women is that we understand and embrace the emotional roller coaster that we ride. Men try to get it and try to understand it, but they can’t possibly know how difficult it is to ride this up and down cycle that is often hormonally driven. In fact, since I’ve started into the phase of life with perimenopause, I’ve often felt that my emotional life was completely out of control. In the months where my cycle doesn’t “cycle”, I’m amazed at how peaceful it is to wake up every morning feeling pretty much the same. I actually can’t wait to live like that full time. Sometimes, it’s unfathomable to me how we manage to hold down jobs and manage relationships. But, we do. And, it is really hard work. Men will just never realize what that’s like. A man was talking to me awhile back about one of the women in his life. He said he couldn’t be expected to change his life when the feelings she’s having are “irrational”. I explained to him that they mean seem irrational to him, but we can’t tune out or shut off our emotions as easily as men can. It’s just not possible. And, really, all we need them to do is listen and validate what we’re feeling. If I’d had a man do that, it would have rocked my world.

It was when I started to really love and care about women and develop stronger relationships with them that I started to love myself. I think all my life I was really comparing myself to men, and I was left wanting, because, hey, I’m not a man. I’m going to do things differently. I’m going to struggle with my emotions. I’m going to struggle with upper body strength. I’m not as fast. But, I’m better at a lot of things like understanding my emotions, talking about how I feel, developing and maintaining relationships and being cooperative rather than competitive. In the past, I don’t think our culture valued those feminine qualities as much as masculine ones. Sometimes, we still don’t, but I do think it’s better. And, I think as all people age, we become more like the opposite gender.

We all carry both feminine and masculine energy. We use each type of energy in different situations. For many years, my masculine energy was more defined because of my work in corporations. The masculine is just more acceptable there. In my family of origin, masculine energy was more dominant. In sports, masculine energy was more valued. So, I developed that side of myself more. In recovery from divorce, my walk down my spiritual path and in my yoga practice, I have developed more of my feminine energy and power. It’s taken a long time to be balanced in this way, and I think it’s one of the reasons I’ve struggled a bit in my romantic partnerships. But, now, I treasure my softer side. In fact, I often show my softer side at work, and I was afraid to do that for a long time. It’s just as important there if not MORE so. We need feminine role models.

So, I dedicate Mondays to girl talk. See photos of my girlfriends that I love and cherish so much. Without them, I would not be able to breathe.

Camping: Mountain View AR

Travis, the friendly Barista
Elizabeth in that beautiful handmade chair. What is she reading?
View from our Campsite
Table at Turner Coffee Tree designed by Rachel’s family

For a month I’ve been absolutely dying to get into woods. July and August are just too hot to go camping, and I won’t do it until things start to cool down. I was thrilled when the temps started to drop into the 80s the second week of August. I was ready! My trusty friend and adventure partner was ready and willing when I texted her and said, “You up for camping next weekend?” She’d been having a bit of a rough time herself and was needing a break.

Mountain View, AR and, specifically, Blanchard Springs Recreation Area was our destination of choice. We’d been there last year, Elizabeth and I, but it was in May. It was cold, and the spring thaws were happening in yankeeland so the streams were overflowing. In fact, there was some fear that we might have to move our campsite due to flooding. So, we were stoked.

Camping is always an act of adaptation. When you camp with the public, you have to adapt to living in fairly close quarters with strangers. The weather is ALWAYS a wild card. When we went last spring we both packed for summer. At the last minute, I realized that, although 55 is fairly nice when you are sleeping inside, it’s pretty darn cold in a tent. I packed some jackets and things, but neither one of us really packed warmly enough. And, frankly, it can be uncomfortable with bugs and humidity and public showers. But, that’s part of why I like it. It helps me strip away all of the protections that I have, and makes me aware of the things I really need.

It’s Mountains, Music and Motorcycles weekend in Mountain View. Literally hundreds of motorcycles are in this small town. They have a Poker Run, a bike show, a concert and a Biker Church. Talk about great people-watching! And, if you want a sleazy tank top, you can get it here! How about a white with pink leather fringe adorning your cleavage? That one was drawing a crowd.

Wood’s Pharmacy is a place you must stop for a good old-fashioned soda fountain treat. While I waited on my Hot Fudge Sundae, the soda jerks were hand blending malted milk shakes squeezing fresh oranges for an Orange Ade. Everything was as beautiful as it was good! They have a Facebook Page, and, ironically the last post on their page was my pic of their Hot Fudge Sundae that I had in May 2011.

I needed a caffeine boost, so we stopped at Turner Coffee Tree for a mocha. This is where I decided to write this blog. It’s a great little place with comfy sofas and wi-fi. Most of the furnishings are designed and crafted by the owner Rachel and her family. Travis, the barista was as nice as he was good looking. He is a musician who hasn’t spent much time in Memphis, so I was trying to persuade him to come play at Otherlands. He and the owner of the coffee shop are both runners, so we chatted about that as well. And, I have to say, he makes a mean Mocha. Anybody that can steal my heart with chocolate and coffee is a star in my book.

Fires aren’t allowed in the campground due to the drought and a burn ban, so I’m not sure what we’ll be doing tonight. I love chatting with Elizabeth. She’s one of my friends that I know so well that we can discuss any subject – and we do. When I know somebody that well, I love to find out more and more about their childhood and history. It helps build context for who they are. People are just fascinating. I’m sure there will be stories tonight. If your ears are burning, one may be about you. 😉

So long for now…



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