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Mid-Week Share: Step 12 – Principle of Service

Step 12: Service  For those of us in recovery, this is simply “how it works”.  My sister-in-law Laura posted some blog fodder on my Facebook wall yesterday. Young, beautiful Cameron Russell did an interview where she admitted her privilege because of  “winning the genetic… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Share: Step 12 – Principle of Service”

Living: Learning to Be Me….In Living Color

I went on a first date for Valentine’s Day. I’ve never done that before. We set up the date around my travel schedule, and, I didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day. When I realized it, I told him that if he wanted to do… Continue Reading “Living: Learning to Be Me….In Living Color”

Mid-Week Share: Step Two – Principle of FAITH

“If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.” Ancient Chinese Proverb Across the top of the page in my Al-anon Works book, I have scrawled “Dare to Hope”. Al-anon is the “sister” group for Alcoholics… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Share: Step Two – Principle of FAITH”

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